Wellness Committee Application

The Wellness Committee aims to take an organic approach at promoting holistic well-being in the College.

The committee will consist of a core group of students who will engage in important discussions on topics related to well-being, and assist in strengthening signature Wellness programmes on campus.

The Wellness Committee for AY19/20 will also be participating in the R.I.C.E. Mental Health Mentorship Training Programme.


  • Plan and execute Wellness-related initiatives (e.g. World Mental Health Day, Sleep Challenge, Wellness Pledge Campaign, Disability Day, Dialogues)
  • Role model holistic well-being within the Yale-NUS community
  • Serve as a peer resource and mentor peers through topics of well-being, grounded in the four pillars of balance, compassion, self-awareness and gratitude
  • Be active participants of the R.I.C.E Mental Health Mentorship Training Programme
  • Assist in other DoS Wellness initiatives as assigned

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with an active interest in promoting health and well-being at Yale-NUS. We are looking for drive and commitment.


  1. 1 hour/week of training every Wednesday 7pm – 8pm  (R.I.C.E)
  2. 1 hour/week of 1:1 meeting with mentor, timing to be arranged with mentor
  3. 2 hours/week on event planning/running/participation
  4. Optional additional sessions where noted
  5. Total 32 hours per semester


 Each committee member will receive $200 per semester as compensation for their work.

 Apply now for personal, and community development!

Deadline for application is 26 August, 5pm.

Have Questions?
Natalie Ang

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