Wellness Initiatives

Yale-NUS College supports the general well-being of students, with a focus on residential/personal and academic/intellectual aspects of college life, by providing consultation and care for students through programming at Residential Colleges and campus wide events.

A student at Yale-NUS will gain better knowledge and understanding of themselves, the community that they lived with and the world they lived in. A graduate from Yale-NUS will be holistically prepared to apply and pursue continual personal development.


To make Yale-NUS a healthy place for learning, playing, and living. Where Kingfishers care for themselves, one another, and the community.


To support and develop students’ holistic well-being through intentional initiatives that foster a culture of care, mindfulness, and personal growth.


  • Support and enhance current health and wellness efforts
  • Provide students the necessary resources to grow and develop wellness holistically
  • Streamline existing wellness efforts by collaborating with various groups on campus
  • Encourage participation and commitment to mindful living and learning
  • Execute interesting approaches to exercise, mental health and eating well

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