Student Organisation Advisors

Student organisations play an important role in contributing to our dynamic and vibrant campus. Every recognised student organisation in Yale-NUS is required to have at least one advisor – this can be a faculty or staff member. Advisors play an essential role in the success of student organisations at Yale-NUS, and students’ development outside the classroom!

View the full list of student organisations here.

Student Organisations and their advisors are also celebrated at the annual Kingfisher Awards! Follow this link to see past winners.

Advisors often support student organisations in the following ways:

  • Having an understanding of the organisation’s constitution, mission statement and structure.
  • Supporting student leaders in the growth and success of the organisation.
  • Attending organisation meetings or events from time to time.
  • Offering consultation for the organisation when they require guidance or resources, for example, when planning a large-scale campus event or overseas trip.
  • Referring relevant industry or academic information, events, news, and suggestions to the organisation.
  • Serving as a liaison between the organisation and the College and representing the student organisation in staff or faculty meetings, if necessary.
  • Advising student leaders on College policies, when needed.
  • Offering evaluation and feedback regarding organisation events and activities, and serving as an impartial arbitrator, when needed.
Useful Links for Current Advisors

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Senior Manager, Student Organisations & Leadership in the Dean of Students’ Office.

Faculty/staff may serve as a student organisation advisor if they are on-campus for at least one semester of the academic year. If taking a year-long sabbatical, the advisor should inform the group so they may find another advisor.

Faculty/staff should not feel obligated to advise student organisations nor accept every request they receive. It is recommended that one considers the role and time commitment of a student organisation advisor before accepting an invitation.