Renewing Student Organisations

Near the end of the academic year, all official student organisations undergo the Renewal of Recognition process as they change leadership, close the financial books, and look ahead to next year. The Renewal of Recognition process not only keeps the Student Government and Dean of Students Office updated on these changes, but also provides student organisations an opportunity to reflect on their own accomplishments and growth.
1. By end of Semester 2 Recess Week (this year, 1st March 2020), submit the following documents on this Renewal Form (Part 1) on Halcyon Hub:

2. By 30th April, submit the following documents on this Renewal Form (Part 2) on Halcyon Hub:

  • Evaluation Form — contains qualitative and quantitative questions about the student organisation’s performance this AY
  • Updated digital copy of your organisation’s constitution (if any)
  • Renew Halcyon Hub profile, including any leadership changes

Student Organisations that fail to submit by these deadlines will have no operating budget for the following year and will lose their recognition status.

More information can be found here.

Petrina Loh
Senior Manager