FAQs for Student Organisations and DOS-sponsored Community Events

Campus Resources

Where do I go if I need A/V?

  • Create a reservation on https://camelot.yale-nus.edu.sg
  • Proceed to the Library Level 1 to pick up your equipment from the Office of Educational Resources and Technology after your reservation has been approved.
  • Contact Adi in the Arts and Media department (6601 5123) during weekday office hours if there are any pressing issues with A/V.

How do I book campus spaces?

Please refer to the Booking Spaces.

Event Policy

Can I have an event during Reading or Finals Week?

  • Student organisations may hold self-care/welfare events such as study breaks, hangouts, exco appreciation meals, etc.
  • If anything falls outside of this scope, please seek approval from Dean of Students Office / the Manager of Student Organisations four weeks prior.

Do I need approval from the Campus Events Approval Committee for my event?

Most student organisation events are considered “Business As Usual” unless it is large-scale, involves external partners, receives external sponsorship and/or collects registration fees. Please refer to the full policy here.


What activities by my student organisation can be funded?

The full guide to student organisation funding policies can be found here.

Where can I find funding for an event if I am not in a student group?

Please refer to the Community Initiative Funding.

What is the process of seeking external sponsorship for my events?

  • Please send the sponsorship letter and list of organisations you intend to approach to Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations, for approval prior to approaching the organisations.
  • More information here, under Solicitation of Donations.


How can I pay or make claims for my event expenses?

  • Please refer to the Payments & Claims website.
  • All expenses must correspond to an event in Halcyon Hub.
  • Your student organisation’s Treasurer must log the expense into Halcyon Hub.

How can I make a claim for a payment made in foreign currency (i.e. not in SGD)?

  • Please use OANDA Currency Converter for conversion. Use the date on which the expense was incurred and attach the screenshot to the RFP.
  • Alternatively, the expense will be converted using the SAP system exchange rates.

Can I pay a student for student organisation event-related work?

Only under special circumstances. For more information, please approach Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations.

Can I pay a speaker an honorarium?

  • Please seek approval from the DOS Office by contacting Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations. Submit a request with the speaker’s background, why you would like them to speak at your event, and a quotation.
  • A maximum honorarium of $500 may be granted.

How can I purchase Yale-NUS corporate gifts?

  • Approach Marilyn Tan at the DOS Office and request for a Corporate Gift form. Complete the form and collect the items (subject to availability).
  • Payment will be made from your student organisation budget. No cash payment will be accepted.
  • Your student organisation’s Treasurer must log the expense into Halcyon Hub.


Am I allowed to use the Yale-NUS wordmark & mascot in my event publicity?

  • Please approach Public Affairs (publicaffairs@yale-nus.edu.sg) for approval at least 1 week before producing and distributing publicity materials or collaterals with the Yale-NUS wordmark or the College’s name.
  • More information here, under Use of Yale-NUS Word Mark and Logo.


How can I get reimbursed for printing for my Student Organisation or Community Event funded by DOS (Using HP printers/school printers)?

  • Before printing, label your document as “StudentOrg_PurposeforPrinting” e.g. “TheFifthWall_MusicalTryoutsPoster”
  • Print out your printing log from this website, log in using EXXXXXXX and password.  https://print.yale-nus.edu.sg:9192/user
  • Bring the printed log sheet and fill out a RFP to submit to Marilyn Tan at DOS.
  • Student organisations can spend up to $30 per semester on printing from their allocated budget.

Catering and Bus Vendors

What catering vendors could I use?

  • Please ensure that your food vendors has a valid NEA License.
  • Limits for student events:
    • Breakfast, snacks, or tea: No more than $10/student
    • Lunch: No more than $15/student
    • Dinner: No more than $20/student

How do I book a bus for my event?

  • Only for large-scale events with DOS approval
  • You can approach these 3 bus vendors that Yale-NUS often uses for a quote: charter@woodlandstransport.com.sg, enquiry@azbus.com.sg, enquiries@cnatransport.com


How can I start a website for my student organisation under the Yale-NUS domain?

How can I create a student organisation email address under the yale-nus.edu.sg domain?

  • Please write to Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations, with the following information:
    • Student Organisation Display Name
    • Student Owner’s Name
    • Student Owner’s NUSNET ID
    • Student Owner’s Matric Card Number
    • Proposed Email Address (XXX@yale-nus.edu.sg)

What should I do if I see a student organisation policy violation?

Please refer to the Student Organisation Guidelines.