Student Organisations

An integral part of the community fabric at Yale-NUS College, student-led organisations and programmes provide opportunities for personal growth and development beyond the curriculum.
A vibrant community of learning

Student organisations are a great way to make the most of your time at Yale-NUS College. Here, you can build on your interests, pursue a new passion, find a community, and make an impact!

>55 Student Organisations
>75% Students involved in
Student Organisations
>200 Student-led events
per semester

Petrina Loh
Senior Manager

Contact with questions about student organisations and event planning.

Community Initiative Funding

Have an idea for campus programming? Planning an initiative on campus but not part of a student organisation?

Apply for Community Initiative Funding! CIF provides funding for students to plan meaningful, cultural, social, and/or academic events for the Yale-NUS Community.

Programmes we have funded in the past include: Durian Festivals, Movie Marathons, Tape Days (a concert featuring student bands) and multiple theatre productions.

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Student Organisation Advisors

Student organisations collaborate with staff and faculty across campus who advise, nurture, and challenge organisations within and beyond the Yale-NUS community.

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Advisor Testimonials
Over the course of the year, Prof Andrew Bailey has been essential in helping us realise our many initiatives. We have run several projects by him because his advice always helps us make better decisions about what ventures are worth investing our time and energy into.

Yale-NUS Debate Society

Prof Chelsea Sharon’s presence and contribution as the advisor of Ashen Light has reinvigorated the science community of Yale-NUS. Prof. Chelsea has injected consistent enthusiasm & validation, expertise, and logistical support to Ashen Light’s projects and purpose. She has made our many projects possible - from the Journey to the Heavens Stargazing Expedition to the UTown Space Festival planetarium.

Ashen Light: Yale-NUS Astronomy Club

In this past semester, Prof Neil Mehta has enhanced the experience of not only our whole team, but the school community at large with his participation in campus life. As an advisor, he been invested in supporting our aspirations, and has demonstrated remarkable involvement with the activities of our organisation. He even performed in our annual showcase!

Yale-NUS Ballroom Society

Mr Norvin Ng is a pillar of support who is unfazed even in the shakiest of situations. Norvin was a constant source of strength and support, including when YNSIG’s executive committee faced last-minute scheduling conflicts during an office visit with an industry partner.

Yale-NUS Student Investment Group (YNSIG)