• Community Events Funding
  • Student Organisation Travel Funding
  • Individual Travel Funding

Community Events Funding

Students who are not affiliated with any particular club/organisation but have an idea for campus programming should submit the Events Funding Application Form. The funds present an opportunity for students to plan a meaningful cultural, social, and/or academic event for the Yale-NUS community. Students should discuss their ideas for major ideas/events with someone in the Dean of Students Office before submitting their request.

Registered student clubs/organisations should default to using their own budgets for events and may only seek funding if it is absolutely necessary. Consult with the Student Organisations Manager with any questions.

Application Process: Submit the Events Funding Application Form and the budget least four weeks prior to the event date. Use the Events and Workshops Budget Template to fill out your event’s budget, and send the completed version to the Student Organisations Manager. If there are any supporting documents (e.g. sponsorship request outcomes and quotations from vendors), attach these in your email to the Student Organisations Manager also.