Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Student Organisations Events and DOS Sponsored Community Events



How do I book campus spaces?

Where do I go if I need A/V?

  • Create a reservation on
  • Proceed to the library (Level 1 in East Core) to pick up your equipment from the Office of Educational Resources and Technology after your reservation has been approved.
  • Contact Adi in the Arts and Media department (6601 5123) during weekday office hours if there are any pressing issues with A/V.



Do I need approval from the Campus Events Approval Committee for my event?

  • Most student organisation events are considered “Business As Usual” unless it is large-scale, involves external partners, receives external sponsorship and/or collects registration fees. Please refer to the full policy here.

Can I have an event during Reading or Finals Week?

  • Student organisations may hold self-care/welfare events such as study breaks, hangouts, exco appreciation meals, etc.
  • If anything falls outside of this scope, please seek approval from DOS / Manager of Student Organisations 4 weeks prior.



What activities by my student organisation can be funded?

  • The full guide to student organisation funding policies can be found here.

Where can I find funding for an event if I am not in a student group?

What is the process of seeking external sponsorship for my events?

  • Please send the sponsorship letter and list of organizations you intend to approach to Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations, for approval prior to approaching the organizations.
  • More information here, under Solicitation of Donations.



How can I pay or make claims for my event expenses?

  • Please refer to the Payments & Claims website.
  • All expenses must correspond to an event in the OrgSync Calendar.
  • Treasurer must log expense into OrgSync Treasury.

How can I make a claim for a payment made in foreign currency (i.e. not in SGD)?

  • Please use OANDA Currency Converter for conversion. Use the date on which the expense was incurred and attach to the RFP.
  • Alternatively, the expense will be converted using the SAP system exchange rates.

Can I pay a student for student organisation event-related work?

  • No, only under special circumstances. For more information, please approach Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations.

Can I pay a speaker an honorarium?

  • Please seek approval from the DOS Office by contacting Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Organisations. Submit a request with the speaker’s background, why you would like them to speak at your event, and a quotation.
  • A maximum honorarium of $500 may be granted.

How can I purchase Yale-NUS corporate gifts?

  • Approach Marilyn Tan at the DOS Office and request for a Corporate Gift form. Complete the form and collect the items (subject to availability).
  • Payment will be made from your student organisation budget. No cash payment will be accepted.
  • Treasurer must log expense into OrgSync Treasury.



Am I allowed to use the Yale-NUS wordmark & mascot in my event publicity?

  • Please approach Public Affairs ( for approval before producing and distributing publicity materials or collaterals with the Yale-NUS wordmark or the College’s name.
  • More information here, under Use of Yale-NUS Word Mark and Logo.



How can I get reimbursed for printing for my Student Organisation or Community Event funded by DOS (Using HP printers/school printers)?

  • Before printing, label your document as “StudentOrg_PurposeforPrinting” e.g. “TheFifthWall_MusicalTryoutsPoster”
  • Print out your printing log from this website, log in using EXXXXXXX and password.
  • Bring the printed log sheet and fill out a RFP to submit to Marilyn Tan at DOS
  • Students organisations can spend up to $30 per semester on printing from their allocated budget



What catering vendors could I use?

  • Please ensure that your food vendors has a valid NEA License.
  • Limits for student events:
    • Breakfast, snacks, or tea: No more than $10/student
    • Lunch: No more than $15/student
    • Dinner: No more than $20/student

How do I book a bus for my event?

  • Only for large-scale events with DOS approval
  • You can approach these 3 bus vendors that Yale-NUS often uses for a quote:,,



How can I start a website for my student organisation under the Yale-NUS domain?

How can I create a student organisation email address under the domain?

  • Please write to Petrina Loh, Senior Manager of Student Orgs, with the following information:
    • Student Organisation Display Name
    • Student Owner’s Name
    • Student Owner’s NUSNET ID
    • Student Owner’s Matric Card Number
    • Proposed Email Address (