Advisor Resources

Faculty/staff advisers play an essential role in developing student organisations that strengthen the Yale-NUS community while extending learning beyond the classroom. Every recognised student organisation is required to have one advisor – this can be a faculty member, staff member or Dean’s Fellow.

Advisor of the Year 2018
David Royster Yale-NUS Afro Society

Advisor Expectations

Student organisation advisors are expected to:

  • Review the constitution and mission statement of the organisation in order to understand the structure of the group.
  • Offer support to the student leadership of the organisation in order to cultivate enthusiasm for the group’s development and success.
  • Occasionally attend orgnisation’s meetings or events, and be available for consultation when the organisation encounters problems.
  • Refer relevant information, events, news, and suggestions to the organisation’s leadership.
  • Represent the student organisation in staff/faculty meetings when needed, and to serve as the liaison between the organisation and the College.
  • Offer evaluation and feedback regarding events, activities, and group dynamics.
  • Serve as an impartial arbitrator when needed (e.g. elections, etc.).
  • Advise student leadership on College policies, when needed.


Student Leader Expectations

In return to having an Advisor, student organisation leaders will:

  • Inform advisors of group events and activities, including regular meeting times.
  • Meet with their advisor each semester to discuss the orgnisation’s goals and mission.
  • Manage and discuss orgnisation funds, including adherence to College financial policies.
  • Inform advisors on intentions of seeking funding from outside Yale-NUS College.
  • Notify advisors on the identities of current leadership and all changes that may come during the academic year.
  • Respond to requests from the adviser to meet up and discuss specific or general thoughts on the club and its activities.
  • Notify the advisor of internal and external conflict pertaining the club in order to better assist the advisor in advocating on the group’s behalf.



  • Faculty/staff may serve as advisors to a student group if they will be in Singapore for at least one semester of the academic year. Faculty/staff advisors who will be away from campus for 1+ year should inform the group(s) they advise so the group can secure a different advisor.
  • Faculty/staff should not feel obligated to advise student groups. It is acceptable to decline to advise a student group if you do not have the time or do not think the relationship would work well for either party.
  • Faculty/staff advisors should communicate any urgent concerns regarding club behaviour or practices directly to the Student Organisations Manager in the Dean of Students’ Office.
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