RCA Application FAQs

Who can apply to be an RCA?

Any Yale-NUS rising junior or senior with a good academic (CAP>3.5) and disciplinary standing (registry will verify your reported status) can apply. You should not have any pending student conduct charges prior to the start of the RCA appointment.

Is there compensation offered when taking on the RCA role?

Yes. The final amount of compensation is yet to be determined, but it will be a minimum of $4000 for the academic year.

I intend to study abroad in my junior year, can I still be an RCA?

No. RCAs are expected to be in Singapore throughout the academic year.

Must I attend RCA training, when are the training dates?

Yes. All RCAs are to attend RCA training which begins on 16 July 2018 and lasts until the beginning of orientation.

My internship ends after the training start date of 16 July; can I still apply?

As RCA training is essential in preparing you for your role, you are expected to be present. You may need to negotiate with your internship site in order to ensure you are available for the full duration of the training period.

Can I still hold other on-campus jobs while being an RCA?

Your role as an RCA should be your priority, amounting to an average of 12-16 hours of work per week. You have to declare other on-campus jobs when taking on the RCA role and are expected to negotiate your other commitments if you are struggling to manage your time.

Can I still hold other leadership positions while being an RCA?

Yes. However, your role as an RCA should take priority and you are expected to negotiate other commitments if you are struggling to manage your time.

What professional development opportunities do I have as an RCA?

RCA training will equip you with many skills such as conflict mediation, group facilitation, event organisation and crisis response. There will also be continued training sessions throughout the academic year hosted by Residential Life.

Am I expected to accompany students to the hospital when I am on duty?

No. As an RCA you will likely be the initial contact person for emergency situations, but more serious follow-up (eg. visit to hospital, police station) will be handled by a Dean’s Fellow or Assistant Dean.

Can I be in a romantic relationship with students in Yale-NUS as an RCA?

You cannot be in a romantic relationship with a first-year student in your residential college. All other relationships are allowed, but you have to declare any relationship with a fellow RCA or a first-year student in a different residential college.

As an RCA, can I still attend college events (mixers, end-of-sem dinners etc.) and informal gatherings (suite parties, supper outings etc.), as well as just being a student more generally?

Yes. However, as an RCA you are expected to role model responsible behaviour. Any violations of the Code of Student Conduct can have serious ramifications on your position.

Can I attend social events (eg. clubbing, parties) outside of campus with Yale-NUS students?

Yes. However, you are advised to not attend such events with your first-year students. As an RCA, you are expected to model responsible behaviour, especially when with first-years.