General Housing Guidelines

3. Summer/Vacation Housing

Each summer, the College offers housing for students staying in Singapore for work or research purposes. On-campus summer housing is a privilege and is not guaranteed to students. The Code of Student Conduct is fully enforceable during the summer period. Failure to adhere to it may result in the immediate termination of a student’s summer housing, among other things. Do note that students staying for the summer/vacation will be allocated to different rooms from their current room during that period. The Dean of Students Office coordinates summer housing details. Please refer to the information below for details regarding summer housing.

What is the general process for applying for housing on-campus during the summer vacation period?

During the Spring semester, information will be sent to all students regarding summer housing. Students need to fill out a summer housing form and will need to understand the responsibilities and costs. Summer housing generally costs $200SGD per week, but is likely to increase each year. Once students have applied for summer housing, they will be sorted into suites and communicated with by the Dean of Students Office.

How was the weekly rate for summer housing set?

The summer housing rate was set based on the operating costs of the residential towers for the summer.  Payments made for summer housing will go to the Yale-NUS Finance Office to offset the costs of operating the College’s facilities.

Are students able to apply for NUS housing options for the summer?

Yale-NUS students may apply for vacation housing directly with the other NUS residences.  More information about summer housing at NUS is available here:

Why is it more expensive to stay at Yale-NUS than other parts of UTown?

NUS has the benefit of economies of scale across thousands of rooms, most of which are smaller in size and equipped with less expensive furnishings than our suites.

Are meals included in Yale-NUS summer housing?

Summer housing will only include accommodation as the dining halls will not be open for students during the summer.

Can students using Yale-NUS summer housing have access to butteries?

The summer residential staff (DoS Staff) will determine the policies for student usage of the butteries over the summer. There may be some opportunity to use the buttery during the summer. DOS will be sending information about this in advance to the students signing up for summer housing.