General Housing Guidelines

5. Other Housing Regulations

Right to Enter

The College reserves the right to enter student rooms at any time for the purpose of responding to emergencies, maintaining acceptable health and safety standards, making repairs, routine maintenance (including response to work orders), inventory, and extermination. When possible, advance notice will be given to the student prior to entering residence hall room for routine matters including health and safety checks. Only in cases of emergency (including fire safety checks), suspicion of violation infraction, and/or perceived situations where the health or safety and general well-being of persons are at risk shall an entry be made without prior notice. If the student is not present at the time of entry, notification will be left by the entering administrator/officer that the room was entered, and the note will indicate the purpose of the entry. Entry will only be made by personnel authorised by the Dean of Students Office or Facilities Department.

Health and Safety Checks

Once per semester, DOS staff will do a quick check of students’ common rooms to ensure there are no policy violations and that the room is safe and secure. These checks will be announced ahead of time and students will be able to be present during them.