General Housing Guidelines

8. Miscellaneous FAQs

What if the suite I move into is not cleaned/cleared?

You should let Infrastructure know so that they can conduct a cleaning of the room. The Res Ed staff works in collaboration with Infra to ensure that all rooms are turned over and cleaned between semesters and over the summer.

What happens when an exchange student leaves campus for good and leaves personal belongings behind? Do the suitemates get fined also?

Exchange students are responsible for the items that they leave behind. Suitemates should all be working together to ensure that the suites are fully empty and cleaned during move-out.

What if I am not around to move my things from semester to summer housing? (i.e. I went for a programme and return to campus mid summer)

Students are expected to make arrangements with friends or contact the Res Ed team if they are not able to move during the arranged times. Students should proactively make their plans. The staff at Yale-NUS are not responsible for moving student belongings.

Are fines avoidable?

Yes! All fines for housing issues can be avoided if students clean their rooms thoroughly, leave them completely empty, and put their furniture items back in the room they originated in.

Can I store my belongings in the buttery/StORR Room/Common Lounges at off-term (December & summer) times?

No! Common spaces on campus are not storage spaces for students at any time.

What kind of damages warrants a fine? Will blue tack paint chippings cause me to be fined?

Fines are assessed mostly when students leave belongings behind. This includes bags filled with garbage, room decorations, extra furniture, etc. Fines are also assessed when damage is caused to a room- this can be things like having writing/paint on the walls, having damaged/destroyed furniture and/or any other damage to the room that warrants clean up. Smaller pieces of damage, such as small paint chips due to blue tack, are generally not However, it is always contextual and if the entire wall is chipped, a fine may be incurred.