General Housing Guidelines

7. Fines for Violations

*All fee amounts quoted are excluding prevailing GST

Items Left in Hallway (S$20 first offense, S$50 afterwards)

All corridors, entrances, and exits must be kept clear to provide a safe means of egress in case of an emergency and to facilitate cleaning. The Facilities department will fine the student S$20 for firs offence, S$50 afterwards for any items (e.g. bikes, shoe racks, clothing, furniture) found in lounges and entranceways. If the items are not removed, they will be collected and discarded by the Facilities department.

Special Cleaning Required (S$60 minimum, more if needed, depending on situation)

Whenever an area requires special cleaning in a room or suite that is not part of routine custodial duties (e.g. picking up trash from the floor, repainting of walls or doors, washing of walls), the Facilities department will assess a fine.

Removal of Personal Belongings  (S$50 minimum, more if excessive)

If a student vacates a residence and leaves personal belongings behind in the room or common areas (lounges, suite lounges, bathrooms), the Facilities department will remove and discard these items. A fine will also be charged to the student or students involved (if it is within a suite).

Smoking (S$25 first offense, S$50 second offense, S$100 third and beyond; any smoking violation within academic year)

If a student is found smoking in the premises, the fine is $25 for the first offence, $50 for the second offence and S$100 third and beyond (any smoking violation within academic year). Punishment for subsequent offences will be at the discretion of the Dean of Students Office.

Missing/Damaged Furniture in the Individual Rooms (Variable based on amount of damage/which furniture. Chargeable up to the full cost of replacement/fixing)

The occupant of each room will be held accountable for missing or damaged furniture, and for any College property found in the room if it was moved into the room without permission. A charge will be assessed to the occupant of the room for each item of misappropriated College property.

Damaged or Missing College Property

Students are expected to take responsibility for any damage they cause to individual rooms or common areas of the College and to hold one another accountable for such damage. Anyone causing damage, whether intentionally or by accident, should report the situation to the Facilities Department and pay the costs of repair or replacement.

Replacement of Yale-NUS Card (S$30 first time, S$50 second time per academic year)

If a student loses their Yale-NUS, a newly issued card will cost S30 first time, S$50 second time per academic year.

Tampering with Fire Alarm (S$300 + Cost for replacement of damaged equipment (if any) + $300 (if SCDF deployed)

If a student tampers with the fire alarm or fire extinguisher, there is a fine of S$300, cost for replacement of damaged equipment (if any) and S$300 if SCDF is deployed.

Failure to Evacuate During a Fire Alarm (S$100)

Failure to follow proper evacuation fire evacuation procedures during an emergency will result in a S$100 fine.

Illegal parking of bicycle (S$25 per time noted)

There is a fine of S$25 each time for any illegal parking of bicycle.

Staying past move-out dates: (S$200 per day stayed)

If a student stayed past move-out dates, there is a fine of S$200 per day stayed.