General Housing Guidelines

2. Facilities Information

If there is a facilities or maintenance concern in the residence hall, student suite, or bedroom, students can and should email the Facilities Department directly at  This includes concerns such as flooding/plumbing issues, painting, air-con issues, or electrical concerns.

Furniture Removal

Students’ rooms are equipped with essential furniture that may not be removed from the premises. An inventory of this furniture and its physical condition will be made at the beginning and end of each academic year. The Facilities Department may require personal furniture and furnishings to be removed from any residence where there is a potential fire or housekeeping hazard. All personally owned furniture and furnishings must be removed from student residences at the time they vacate at the end of the school year.

Bicycle Storage and Parking

On a daily basis, bicycles must be kept in racks provided or the bike storage room provided in each Residential College. Any bicycle parked or stored in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways, or other accesses may be impounded at the owner’s expense and a S$25 fire safety fine may be imposed.

General Housekeeping Information

Students are responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms. Housekeeping staff will clean bathrooms and common spaces once a week. Students are advised to help keep these spaces clean. Housekeeping staff will knock on the main door before entering to clean the common spaces.

Air conditioner Usage

Students pay per unit charge for air conditioning using the vending machine on the first floor. Payment can be made by NETS or Cashcard. For more information visit  Students who wish to bring private air coolers must register these appliances with the Facilities Department at

Laundry Usage

Each Residential College has washer and dryer units for students’ use. Students should comply with the instructions on the proper use of the washer and dryer and maintain the cleanliness of the laundry room. Cleaned laundry should be promptly removed from the washer and dryer. Students may not dry clothes or laundry at windows, passageways, sky gardens, staircases, or other common areas.