General Housing Guidelines

6. Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Students should know the location and route for their first and second means of egress through Fire Drill and Pre-Fire Drill Briefing. Access to fire exit doors must never be blocked. Students should not store items that block immediate access to a fire door or exit. Students should know the location of all fire extinguishers in their area Whether there is a fire or the building fire alarm system is activated, put the evacuation procedures in action. Please never ignore a fire alarm or tamper or misuse fire safety equipment.

Responding to a Fire

If you see a fire, activate the nearest “Break Glass” Call-Point OR directly notify Campus Security (6874 1616 Main line; 6601 2004 UTown) or Singapore Civil Defence Force (995). You may attempt to extinguish the incipient fire only if you can do so without endangering yourself.


Responding to Fire Alarms

The new campus is categorised into four zones: (1) Saga College and Elm College, (2) Cendana College, (3) East Core, (4) West Core. Each zone has a separate fire alarm system. Thus, one fire alarm in one zone does not affect the fire alarm status of another zone, unless the fire alarm in second zone is activated. The stages outlined below hold true for all four zones.

1st Stage

  • Activated by smoke detectors.
  • Alarm Bell rings for 10 seconds.
  • Announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, the fire alarm has been activated in the building. Please remain calm as we are investigating the cause. Thank you.
  • Stand by to evacuate.

2nd Stage

  • Occurs if 1st stage announcement is not acknowledged by trained personnel within 5 minutes.
  • Activated by sprinklers, manual call-points, and the kitchen built-in protection system in dining area.
  • Announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, there is an emergency situation in the building. Please evacuate using the nearest staircase, do not take lifts.”
  • Follow instructions from the fire warden and evacuate to fire assembly point at the University Town Green (next to Stephen Riady Centre).
  • Do not use lifts.