General Housing Guidelines

At Yale-NUS, we respect others in our community, be they fellow students or guests. Click here to read more about Yale-NUS Student Community Standards. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Dean of Students Office.

Special note for DDP Students

DDP students are welcome to apply for housing at Yale-NUS College for their 5th year. Housing will be pending availability and is not guaranteed. If a DDP student would like to remain on campus for their 5th year they will need to participate in the campus Room Draw process, mid Semester 2 (details/dates released annually). Students may not request housing after this process. During 5th year housing, DDP students will be required to pay the current rate for housing, not the rate received upon entry to the college. Please also take note that financial aid is not available for 5th year housing.

 Special note for CDP Students

CDP students are welcome to apply for housing at Yale-NUS College for their 5th year as well. However, only CDP students who have not graduated from Yale-NUS at the end of their 4th year may apply. Check with your academic advisor if you are unsure of your status. All other notes related to housing are the same as for DDP students (noted above).

5th Year Seniors

Students who are in their 5th year at Yale-NUS need to follow the same above rules regarding housing. Housing is pending availability and will need to be applied for during Room Draw the Spring semester before the housing would begin.

5th year seniors who have already completed their 8 semester residency requirement will pay the current rate of housing. If you have not completed your 8 semesters yet, you will pay your cohort rate.

Any questions on the above notes can be directed to Yale-NUS Housing Operations Team (