December Housing FAQs

A limited number of rooms will be offered for December housing on-campus at Yale-NUS College for AY19/20. December housing is not-guaranteed and subject to approval on a case-to-case basis. Students are expected to substantiate their applications with documents to validate their need for housing on campus over the winter break. Students requiring financial assistance may approach our Student Services team at Yale-NUS College for more information.

How does December Housing at Yale-NUS work?

Students will apply for December housing through an application form which will be released in late September. Applications will close on 13th October at 2359 (11.59pm)

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications sometime in late October.

Students requiring financial aid will also be interviewed sometime in mid-October to assess their need.

Final room allocations will be released to successful applicants in November.

Cancellations upon approval of your application will incur a $200 fee.

Do I need a valid reason to apply for December housing?

Yes. All students applying to December housing will be required to provide a valid reason for their stay with attached documents as proof.

Typical justifications for December housing include:

  • Research Programmes
  • Internships

Your application form will be rejected if you do not substantiate your need for housing over the winter break.

How much will December Housing cost?

December Housing will be charged at $200 per week.

Is there a minimum stay for December Housing?

Yes. You will be required to stay for the entire duration of the winter break, from the 9th of December 2019 to the 9th of January 2020.

Do I have to move out from my current room to a different room?

Yes. You will be required to gather your personal belongings from your current room and move to a winter suite where you will be housed with other winter housing residents.


This is to ensure better management of resident’s needs and for the safety and security of everyone living on campus during the break.

Will I be able to access my semester room during the break?

No. Card access to your room will be deactivated on your move-out day – 9th December 2019

Are meals included in Yale-NUS December housing?

December housing will only include accommodation as the dining halls will not be open for students during the winter break.

I forgot to sign up for December housing and the deadline has since passed. Can I still apply?

No. Students must adhere to the strict deadline set out by the Dean of Students Office.

I’ve submitted an application and decided that I no longer need December Housing. Are there financial penalties involved?

Yes. Once your application has been approved, no changes or cancellations will be allowed.

Cancellations will incur a $200 penalty.

My December housing application was rejected. Can I appeal this decision?

Unfortunately, with limited available rooms for December Housing, we will not be able to accommodate all applicants. Decisions on your applications are made after careful consideration of your need and overall situation.

We will not be accepting any appeals.

My December housing application was rejected. Where else can I apply to?

You may apply to NUS Housing options if needed. Do note that there may be black-out dates at NUS Housing between 9th Dec 2019 to 9th Jan 2020. It would be best to approach the respective halls of residence to find out more.

You are encouraged to also explore various short term off-campus options .

When can I move into my December housing room?

Check-In to your winter room can only be done on the last day of move-out, on the 9th of December from 9am onwards. Check-in to your December Housing room can be done at the Residential College Office from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

You will NOT be allowed to check-in after office hours and on weekends/public holidays.

Can I choose my December housing suite mates?

No. You will be allocated a room based on operational and administrative requirements. We are only able to cater to medical requirements and gender preferences (Single or Mixed Gender Suites)

Do I need to get my card re-programmed at Infra before moving-in to my December suite?

Yes. You will be required to get your card reprogrammed at Infra on the 9th of December from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Do I need to get my card re-programmed again before moving back into my semester suite?

Yes. You will be required to get your card reprogrammed at Infra on the 9th of December from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

What happens if I leave items in the December suite after I’ve checked-out?

Any items left in the rooms and suites after checkout will immediately be disposed of by housekeeping staff as per the Code of Student Conduct. Students will also be charged labour and administrative costs in addition to a fine.

Your  room and suite must be left in the exact move-in condition. Students who have received fines previously may be subject to a higher fine and potentially a conduct hearing

The items left in the December suite aren’t mine. Why am I still receiving a fine for this?

It is the collective responsibility for all residents in the suite to ensure that the suite in left in move-in condition prior to check-out. If it is impossible to ascertain the individual(s) responsible for any violation of the housing guidelines, all suite mates will receive a minimum fine of $30 per person.

This amount is strictly non-negotiable.

Can I let external guests stay in my December room/suite?

No. Guests are strictly not allowed to live in your suite over the winter break.

You may be subject to a conduct hearing should you be found in breach of this policy.

How is financial assistance for December Housing determined?

Financial assistance is determined based on need. If you have need for financial assistance, please email Student Services at The Student Services and Residential Housing staff will subsequently meet with you to discuss your financial assistance package.