College Facilities FAQs

Suite Life

Oh no, why is the Wifi down?

  • There may be a large number of devices trying to access one Wifi access point.
  • An improperly structured packet may be blocking the network switch from receiving regular traffic from students’ devices.
  • There may be a delay from switching between access points (e.g. classroom -> dining hall), causing interruptions in your Wifi access.

A device may be using too much of the Wifi bandwidth (e.g. by video streaming a large file).

How do I contact ERT, Infra, or Security?


Telephone Email
ERT 6601 5123

working hours only
Infra/Security 6601 3696


I lost my laptop/phone charger!

  • Check out the library loan counter if they have spare chargers to lend you in the meantime.
  • If you suspect it was a theft, report to Security at
  • The library also loans out DSLRs, tripods, and other multimedia equipment.

How do I top up my aircon credits?

  • Go to this link.
  • Log in with the ID and password taped above your AC remote.
  • Select “Purchase Electricity” and follow the instructions. Pay with a Singapore credit card.
  • If, after 1 hour, the aircon still hasn’t turned on, email Infra at
  • To check your AC credits, click on Web Calculator -> View Meter Credit.
  • If for some reason you’re at Cafe Agora and feel the desire to top up your aircon credits, there is also a top-up station at the bottom of the Agora stairs, beside the library ground floor entrance.

Oh no, I lost my matriculation card!

  • Pay for a replacement of your lost card at this link.
  • After making a payment, email Attach your receipt to the email.
  • File a Loss Report with the Fire Control Room to deactivate the card and email it to
  • Wait for an email from Infra, informing you once the card is ready for collection.

What do I do if I am locked out of my room late at night?

Call the RCA duty phones for them to let you in with a temporary key:

  • Cendana: 9338 3452
  • Elm: 9338 3449
  • Saga: 9338 3440

Oh my goodness, there is black stuff all over my fan/aircon!

  • This is normal. Dust particles from the air and surroundings will settle on your fan and aircon over time.
  • Make sure to wipe the fan blades and aircon vents with a wet wipe every so often to prevent unsightly buildup.

Can I decorate my room?

  • Yes–but please only use Blutack or some other removable adhesive. Blutack is available at Bookhaven in UTown.
  • Tape, nails, etc. damage the paint on the walls, and you will be charged for damage to school property.

Oh my goodness, the shower is so hot!

  • The College got us excellent water heater systems, hence the shower handle is very responsive.
  • Don’t turn the handle all the way to the left before stepping in unless you’re looking to hard-boil an egg for breakfast.

The shower is running over!

Empty your drain trap.

  • Remove the metal top of your shower drain, pick up all the hair and gunk that’s inside, and throw it into the trash can.
  • Don’t flush it down the toilet.

Can I prop open the stairwell door?

  • Please don’t prop open the stairwell doors–these are fire doors meant to contain fires from spreading into the stairway and throughout the building.
  • Earlier students have attempted to negotiate this restriction, but it’s an issue of fire safety and is non-negotiable.
  • When taking the stairs, please exit from the main stairwell at a skygarden floor, then take the skygarden stairs to get to your floor.

How do I dispose of trash?

There are two trash chutes on every floor inside the Utility Room.

  • Recyclables like plastic bottles, cans, uncrumpled papers go into the Recyclables chute.
  • Everything else goes into the General Waste chute.


  • Do not throw glass down the trash chutes as this creates a minefield of broken glass for the cleaners on the first floor. Instead:
    • Bring them to the first floor trash bins,
    • Bring them to the glass disposal bins at CAPT;
    • Or leave them inside the Utility Room.
  • Do not recycle anything that has food waste on it, and do not throw anything bulky or dangerous (such as large batteries) down the chute.
  • If you need to recycle old clothes, there is a clothes recycling repository near the UTown Starbucks.
  • Please bag your trash before throwing them down the chutes.


The school provides every suite with one communal trash can. Suites with female residents also receive a sanitary trash can in the bathroom.

  • This trash can is emptied once a week during suite cleaning.
  • It’s good practice to get your own small trash can for your own room.


Shared Spaces

Where are the gender neutral bathrooms on campus?

  • Saga, Ground Floor, outside the laundry room
  • Saga, L1, outside Faculty Office
  • Elm, L1, outside Elm College Office
  • Cendana Tower A, L1
  • Cendana Tower A, L2
  • West Core Admissions Office, all floors
  • West Core Performance Hall Ground Floor
  • West Core Black Box Theater Dressing Rooms

What is good laundry room etiquette?

  • Set a timer and transfer/claim your laundry on time.
  • If there are clothes left in the machine you want to use, it’s okay to remove them, as long as you place them somewhere clean–a laundry basket, on top of a table, but not on the floor.
  • Leave washer and dryer doors open after use to let them air and prevent mold growth from occurring.
  • Always clean the lint trap before using the dryer! This reduces the fire risk, and ensures your clothes will dry properly.
  • Don’t remove communal laundry baskets.

What kind of detergent should I buy?

  • Our washers are High Efficiency washers; they use less water than traditional machines. Please use High Efficiency detergents.
  • High Efficiency detergents produce fewer bubbles than traditional detergents, and are sold widely in supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • If you must use non-High Efficiency detergent, use only one-fourth a capful per load. Any more detergent won’t be washed off when the laundry cycle finishes, inducing mold growth inside the machines.

My clothes are locked inside the washer!

Very likely, a coin/pen was left in your laundry and clogged the outflow pipe.

  • Please double-check your laundry before loading the washer.
  • Try rebooting the washer by turning the power off and on again.
  • If the door doesn’t disengage, don’t force the door. Call Infra at 6601 3696.

Oh my goodness, the lift is broken!

  • If you think you’re the first to discover it, give Infra a ring at 6601 3696.
  • If it’s been broken for a while, suck it up and take the stairs. These breakdowns are chance events that can’t be foreseen, so rest assured that Infra is working hard to fix this issue as soon as possible.

How can I book a classroom to use?

  • Head to this link (only accessible through Yale-NUS wi-fi).
  • Familiarize yourself with the Room Booking Policy.
  • You may book spaces as an individual or on behalf of student organizations
  • You are expected to abide by a community code of mutual fair use of rooms, and may not book rooms beyond a one-month time-frame.

How should I take care of the school pianos?

  • The College has given students the privilege of using pianos in all Common Lounges and Practice Rooms.
  • Please do not unplug the cords near pianos! Those are dehumidifiers that prevent the piano strings from breaking in Singapore climate.
  • Keep food and water away from the pianos.
  • Close the piano lids and cover them with the cloth after use.
  • Approach the Yale-NUS Arts team for any further questions.

Where can I smoke on campus?

  • The nearest smoking area is the bus stop next to Clementi road, across the Cendana gate.
  • You cannot smoke on either the Yale-NUS campus or NUS campus, as quite a number of residents are allergic to smoke to some degree.
  • Smoking in private spaces like suites and skygardens is also prohibited as the smoke tends to get into neighboring rooms and rise to higher floors.

How do I connect my laptop to projector systems?

  • Use the HDMI cable provided if your laptop has a HDMI port.
  • To connect to the WowVision wireless projection system, download Collab8 software here for Mac or Windows (must be on NUS wifi).

I’m lost! How do I get around Yale-NUS?

Download PDFs of our campus map here and also here.


Updated July 2018

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