Residential Living

One of Yale-NUS’ distinct qualities is its close-knit residential community. On-campus housing is guaranteed for students for all four years. Students are randomly placed into one of three Residential Colleges (Saga, Elm and Cendana).

Updated move-in/move-out dates! All students will need to vacate their rooms for Fall 2016 by December 5th, 6 PM. There are no extensions to this date. If you are going study abroad, you need to fully move out of your room and cannot leave anything behind. If you are returning for Spring 2017, you may leave all your belongings in your room. You do not need to turn in your ID card.

We will welcome students back to campus starting January 6th. Students will not be allowed to return sooner than that date.

This residential model creates ‘nested communities’ in the Yale-NUS tradition of supporting lifelong learning in liberal arts and the sciences by combining academic, intellectual, social, cultural, athletic and artistic life. As you and your peers pursue a rich student-directed co-curricular life of student government, clubs, organisations, arts and athletics, you will build your independence and leadership skills, while achieving mental agility and strength of mind. On campus, you will have frequent opportunities to interact with your professors and staff, as well as visiting speakers, artists, and international leaders. These living-and-learning experiences between classroom and community, perhaps even more than those in a formal classroom, will define your experience at Yale-NUS College.

Each Residential College has a Rector and Vice Rector who live in the college with their families and play a significant role in residential life. The Vice Rectors oversee the health and wellness of students and coordinate community-building events. The Vice Rectors also play a role in academics, providing support and advice to students on an individual basis.  The college Rectors are the chief administrative officers and the presiding faculty presence in each residential college. They are responsible for the physical well-being and safety of students in the residential colleges, as well as for fostering and shaping the social, cultural and educational life and character of the colleges. College Rectors sponsor educational programming events, invite guests for Rector’s teas, host study breaks and offer programmes to enhance the student experience.

On our campus, there are comfortable personal living spaces, common areas designed to facilitate bonding and a modern dining hall with outdoor seating. You will also have easy access to administrative and faculty offices, and a vibrant community of neighbours and classmates.

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