Student Organisation Policies

Publicity of Student Activities

Publicity for any student-led event or activity should be done before the event. Posters or flyers may be posted in designated areas (noticeboards and specified areas within the lifts) within the Yale-NUS campus without prior approval of the Yale-NUS administration so long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • To avoid clutter, posters or flyers may not be put up more than 10 days in advance of the specified event or activity.  Posters or flyers that are not connected to a specific event or activity may only remain posted for 10 days.
  • Posters that are not for a specific event must include a date by which they can be removed (no more than 10 days after being put up).
  • Posters may either be 2 A4 sized pieces of paper or 1 A3. Please do not put up posters of additional sizes.
  • Non-marking blue or white tack must be used to adhere posters or flyers.
  • Posters or flyers may not promote the use of illegal substances.
  • Posters or flyers may not be put up outside of designated areas.
  • If the Yale-NUS logo or word mark is used on any collaterals, proper protocols for colour, design, and style must be followed. Contact Public Affairs for more details.
  • Posters and flyers must adhere to the guiding principles outlined in the Yale-NUS Core Statement on Freedom of Expression.
  • Students must follow NUS guidelines for publicity materials when posters or flyers are put up in NUS facilities (including University Town). Contact the Office of Student Affairs at NUS for more information.
  • No more than one poster per group/event can be put up in each elevator of each Residential College.
  • It is the responsibility of the student/organisation to take down all posters once the event is over or 10 days has passed.
  • The main places for posters to be put up are on bulletin boards and inside RC elevators. Posters should NOT be put up in non-RC elevators. Posters can be put up only on the doors of butteries and Common Lounges.
  • Do not cover up another group’s/event’s poster with your own. If you notice a poster is up for an event that has already passed, please feel free to take it down.
  • Groups are responsible for their own printing/creation of posters.
  • Remember that faculty and staff also see these posters. Make sure they represent your organisation/yourself in a positive manner.
  • No alteration of light when hanging posters; posters are the only publicity collaterals allowed in the lifts; nothing should be placed on the stainless steel panels
  • Failure to observe the above guidelines may result in suspended posting privileges and/or a meeting with the Dean of Students Office.
  • All publicity needs to have either an individual student name or registered group name attached to it. Anonymous posters will be removed.
  • If any member of the campus community has any questions regarding the content of a group’s publicity, please refer to the following:
    • We encourage you to have a one-on-one chat with the leader of the group involved. Please feel free to seek a DF’s assistance in how to engage in that conversation. If there is still no resolution after contacting the group directly, please bring your concern to Andrew McGeehan in the Dean of Students Office. Please follow the above protocol and do not remove the posters yourself.


Use of Yale-NUS Word Mark and Logo

The official Yale-NUS word mark, logo, and fonts may only be used by recognised student organisations for relevant promotional materials and organisation-specific merchandise, unless permission is granted by the College.

  • All students are expected to adhere to the proper protocols for colour, design, and style when using the Yale-NUS word mark, logo, and/or fonts for any reason.  Please contact Alyson Rozells to discuss the proper use of the Yale-NUS word mark, logo, and/or fonts.
  • Recognised student organisations may sell items containing the Yale-NUS word mark, logo, or fonts only if the merchandise is relevant to the organisation’s activities and events and the use of the word mark has been cleared by Public Affairs.
  • All revenue from these sales are property of Yale-NUS and must be recorded in accordance with College financial practices.
  • Students may use the Yale-NUS word mark, logo, or fonts in event-specific merchandise only if the merchandise is not sold at a profit.
  • Students may not use the Yale-NUS word mark, logo, or fonts for any unsanctioned events or activities.


Solicitation of Donations

Student organisations are encouraged to fundraise to support their group’s activities and efforts.  The following policies apply to formal student organisations, individual students, and informal groups of students:

  • Students must receive permission from the Yale-NUS Development Office prior to seeking funding or donations from any charitable organisation, non-profit group, or foundation.
  • Funds received by students or student groups must be promptly reported to the College.
  • Students must disclose to donors that all donations are reported to and managed by the College.
  • Students must offer to issue receipts to any donor as acknowledgement of the donation. Contact the Dean of Students’ Office for more information.


Invitation of Guest Speakers

Student organisations are permitted to invite, on behalf of Yale-NUS College, guests to speak on campus for student activities and events.  The following policies apply to formal student organisations, individual students, and informal groups of students:

  • Students must consult with their faculty/staff advisor and DF advisor prior to extending an invitation to an external speaker. Students must also consult Public Affairs and the President’s Office.
  • Invitations for high profile speakers must be approved by the Dean of Students’ office prior to any invitation. High profile speakers include, but are not limited to, senior government officials, senior NUS or Yale University administrators, and international public figures.  Consult the Dean of Students’ office for more details.
  • Students must seek approval from the Dean of Students Office for any speaking fees and/or honorariums (including gifts) provided to external speakers.
  • Guest speakers must adhere to the Yale-NUS Core Statement on Freedom of Expression.


Collection and Usage of Student Data

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), student organisations at Yale-NUS are expected to inform all individuals of the purpose for the collection, use and disclosure of their personal data before collection or any purpose for the use of disclosure of personal data which has not been provided before such use or disclosure of personal data.

  • Student organisations’ collection, use, and disclosure of personal data are solely limited to the purpose(s) for which notifications have been made to the individuals concerned.
  • Student organisations should seek to provide timely, clear, and easily accessible notifications regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data.
  • An incorrect collection, use, or disclosure of personal data (including but not limited to sending an individual’s data to the wrong person, allowing unauthorised person to access personal data, or sending information for a purpose for which the individual was not informed of previously) may result in disciplinary action by the College.



Student organisations intending to use any protected, copyrighted material should first seek permission (often in the form of licenses) prior to reproducing the work of others.  Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to, literary works, dramatic works (i.e. scripts for films), musical works, artistic works (i.e. photographs), published editions of other works, and sound recordings.  Yale-NUS expects students and student organisations to comply with Singapore copyright laws and ensure the proper licenses have been secured.

Some works are precluded from copyright laws if they qualify as “fair dealing” exceptions.  Student organisations should refer to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore for more information.  Students must provide sufficient acknowledgment and credit to the original creators of the work.

Membership Fees

Recognised student organisations, irrespective of their budgets, are prohibited from assessing any membership or initiation fees to Yale-NUS students as a condition for membership in the organisation.


Policies for student organisations will be updated throughout the year. Please contact the Dean of Students Office with any questions.