Saga College

Vrindavana Lila Spencer

Hello! My name is Vrindy Spencer and I am excited to join the Saga Team this year. I’m from British Columbia, Canada and graduated from a small residential liberal arts school called Quest University Canada. I focused on the study of “What conditions optimize a sense of belonging?” I explored how to create a sense of belonging in short-term intentional communities (like university residences). Since graduating I’ve worked for leadership and organizational development consulting firms, completed a diploma in adult education, coordinated a mentorship non-profit program for girls/women, and worked at Simon Fraser University as a Residence Life Coordinator. I’m passionate about exploring identity, creative expression, and resilience.

Advice for Students

I spent a lot of my undergrad in extracurricular meetings and discovered too late that I’ll have meetings for the rest of my life, but I won’t have the fun clubs and events that are abundant on university campuses. Try new things! My rule for myself is to try something 3x before I make a decision whether I like it or not.

Also, doing something the best you can does not mean the best you ever have been able. Our capacities change with our environment, situations, moods, etc. Please practice gentleness and self-compassion.

Why Yale-NUS?

The incredible time I had at my small residential liberal arts university inspired me to bring the joy of experiencing a sense of belonging and strong community to others. I love the diversity, engagement, and growth of Yale-NUS. I also wanted to explore living in another part of Asia after my university exchange in India.

Travel Bucket List

Greece, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more of India

Fun Fact

Two of my favourite lifestyle decisions are learning how to dance and becoming vegan. I can lead and follow east coast and lindy hop swing dancing. West coast is on my list next. I’m excited to meet fellow dancers and vegans!


Quest University Canada
Self-designed focus on “what conditions optimize a sense of belonging?”