Elm College

Sankar Ananthanarayanan

Hi! My name is Sankar and I’m so excited to be joining the DF Team! I graduated from NUS, where I studied Life Sciences with a specialization in Environmental Biology. My Final Year Project was investigating the diet and gut parasites of reticulated pythons in Singapore! I am passionate about reptiles, amphibians and wildlife conservation in general. In my spare time, I love going for night walks in forests to look for these cool critters!

Advice for Students

A whole nights’ sleep is worth way more than a whole nights’ cramming. Don’t neglect your sleep. I’ve found that if I’m struggling with a problem or an assignment, it’s better to just stop, get some rest, and come back at it with a fresh brain the next day. Don’t over-caffeinate, drink lots of water, exercise well, and sleep!

Why Yale-NUS?

I think Yale-NUS has a very unique environment and culture where conversations and dialogues are debate. I think it’s a very vibrant atmosphere and I’m very excited to be a part of it!

Travel Bucket List

Anywhere with a ton of snakes; Ecuador, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi. Also, Texas.

Fun Fact

I love public speaking! One of my most memorable public speaking experiences was at TEDxPickeringStreet 2018, where I gave a talk entitled “When animals aren’t so cuddly”. It was such an amazing and enjoyable experience.


National University of Singapore
Life Sciences (Environmental Biology)