Cendana College

Natasha Loh

Hello! My name is Natasha, and I’m a born and bred Singaporean. I graduated in May 2019 from Yale-NUS with a B.A (Hons) in Anthropology, and I’m particularly interested in issues of gender, race, and sexuality, as well as how marginalized identities here can compound with one’s experiences with migration, healthcare and more. During my years as a student at Yale-NUS, I was heavily involved in the Saga College Buttery & various student theatre productions. I also served as an Admissions Fellow & Residential College Advisor in my final year, and I feel like I have a deep commitment towards the construction and strengthening of this student community.
I really enjoy making food as a means of building connections within this community, and I look forward to sharing that joy with all of you at Cendana College and beyond!

Advice for Students

Try to do what makes sense for you and be okay if that leads you on a slightly different path from your friends and schoolmates! This might mean missing late-night events or hangouts in order to get the rest that you need, or to schedule classes only after 10am if you know you absolutely cannot do mornings. College is a time where you will meet many wonderful people, but it's important to take care of yourself while also developing those relationships! Don't sacrifice what you know you want and/or need just to go with the flow.

Why Yale-NUS?

As a student, I knew that I wanted a liberal arts experience that would give me a bit more flexibility to figure out what I wanted to study instead of committing right from the beginning. I also really enjoyed the residential life aspect of the school, and felt that it would be a good balance between wanting a more independent college experience while also allowing me to stay close to home. My years at Yale-NUS were definitely shaped by various mentor and support figures such as the Dean's Fellows I knew as a student, and I wanted to continue providing that avenue of support for the current students here.

Travel Bucket List

I really want to go to Greece to see the old architecture and statues, especially after taking classes that go deeper into classical literature & culture! I also want to go to Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights!

Fun Fact

My Chinese name is actually misspelled on my birth certificate because my parents weren't sure how to write it out in hanyupinyin oops!


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