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Meddley Shannen Bourdeau

Hello Everyone! My name is Meddley Bourdeau and I am excited to be returning back to Yale-NUS College as a Dean’s Fellow.  I am originally from Brooklyn, New York USA and was lucky enough to be part of the inaugural batch at Yale-NUS.  With my peers I was able to co-found the first Yale-NUS Buttery at RC4 which I managed for several years. Afterwards I turned my attention towards supporting incoming students of African Descent at Yale-NUS as a part of Y.A.S. (Yale-NUS Afro Society).  As an anthropology major I was able to look at Black Networking groups in Singapore for my capstone which has led me to a host of wonderful opportunities and amazing people.

After serving my bond I aim to get my post-baccalaureate and head on to medical school where I can earn a double degree as a physician-anthropologist. I want to focus on minority women health, particularly through physician-patient relationships.

Advice for Students

Study what you love but aim to get plenty of experience before leaving Yale-NUS College. I say study what you love because when you have a passion for something, it can lead you to a host of opportunities you did not realise were possible. This in turn can translate into actual experience such as internships, start-ups, job opportunities that can give you an industry advantage when you leave Yale-NUS College or decide to pursue higher education.

Why Yale-NUS?

I wanted to go to a school where the student body would be incredibly diverse and I would be exposed to different ideas and perspectives from all over the world. I also wanted an education where I would not learn things in isolation, but be constantly challenged to see the connections between different areas of knowledge and work from there. In the end I came away with useful strategies on how to critically approach issues in my every day life, and in the world at large.

Travel Bucket List

Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii, Indonesia, Haiti, Maldives

Fun Fact

I am fluent in Haitian-Creole.


New York, United States
Yale-NUS College