Elm College

Leonard Chan

Residential Life Officer

Hello Everyone! I am Leonard, your RLO at Elm. I graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. I was heavily involved in Campus Life activities as an undergrad and really grew as a person through my experience as a student leader. I love gaining new experiences; among which I have done acting for a local drama series, was a student researcher working on Filtering Organic Waste using Cheap Plastics, and did a stint as a spa therapist where I did facials and hair removal for clients. Outside of work, I am a paddler in a local dragonboat team and we train every weekend.

Advice for Students

Self-awareness! I truly cannot stress that enough. Take the time to really get to know yourself and understand your likes and dislikes. This will help you grow towards becoming a better version of yourself. The process of self-discovery will be terrifying yet freeing, and always always remember that you are human too.

Why Yale-NUS?

A conversation with my barber got me to realise that I love working with youths. My role at Yale-NUS allows me to do just that, and I hope I can inspire people to take charge of themselves and their lives.

Travel Bucket List

Nature parks in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and New Zealand.

Fun Fact

I have had my hair dyed green, indigo, maroon, turquoise, red, blue, and pink.