Cendana College

Josua Lutian

Residential Life Officer

Hi everyone! I am Josua one of the new RLOs of Cendana (I used to be a Dean’s Fellow in Elm). I am originally from the Philippines, but spent my teenage years here in Singapore. I went to the US to complete my undergraduate studies at Colby College with a double degree in Psychology and Music-Computation. I am passionate about using multi-modal storytelling (data science, technology, music, & theatre), with a focus on identity-based (personal and intersectional) narratives, to deconstruct, create solutions for, and dismantle social issues with regards to the idea of home. Before this, I was a research assistant at the Stanford Graduate School of Education where I worked on projects that explored inequalities in psychological publishing and cultural differences in modelling educational achievement. Recently, I have been getting more into graphic design and am currently trying to learn Korean and Japanese.

Advice for Students

Do not let plans define your future! This is something that I learned during my college years. It is important to create a rough plan of possible outcomes and scenarios for where you want to be and what you want to achieve in the near future. It is always important to have goals! However, it’s so easy to get lost and disheartened when you don’t meet your own expectations. Always keep an open mind and heart to new experiences/people/interests/etc.

Why Yale-NUS?

I wanted to work at a liberal arts institution located in Asia. I wanted to experience first-hand how this educational system coincides, challenges, and compliments the rich value systems already in place here in Singapore. I believe that the dynamics created by introducing something novel to Asian education, like the liberal arts system, creates a space for opportunities to create meaningful change as we use ways of thinking from all over the globe.

Travel Bucket List

Myanmar (Burma) and Philippines (I never got to explore!!)

Fun Fact

I got frosted tips as a junior in college…. Never again