Indrani Kaliyaperumal


I’m proud to be one of those who saw our very first batch’s roaring entrance, the move from Residential College 4 to the bustling new campus and now looking forward to the first graduation in the history of Yale-NUS College. During my free time I entertain my adopted puppy, Mr. Happie who is literally an energy dynamite. I love all furry animals and believe that they belong in their natural homes, living in harmony with humans – this earth belongs to them too! And I love make-up and fashion which you will be able to tell when our paths cross. Yale-NUS has been my doorway to the world – from having my musical favourite A R Rahman on campus, to students and faculty who come from all walks of life with so much of knowledge and stories to share. Being in the heart of Yale-NUS (Elm College) has been amazing!

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