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Glen Koh

Hello! My name is Glen, and I am from Singapore, born and raised. I graduated with the Class of 2018 at Yale-NUS College where I majored in Psychology and minored in Arts and Humanities. During my time at Yale-NUS I was very involved in various areas of the College: from being part of the inaugural team of Residential College Advisors (RCAs), to participating in theatre and singing groups on campus, to being on the student government, to co-founding Aloe – a mental health advocacy group. My academic interests lie in areas of cognitive psychology (I did my Capstone project on attentional bias) and understanding mental health through a public health lens. That said, I will also happily have many conversations about anything musical theatre.

Advice for Students

It is totally fine for you to take some time to pause and breathe. You are allowed to take care of yourself first. You are allowed to be unwell and take the time to recover. You should not feel like you have to be 'ON' all the time. You cannot work at your best if your mind and body are not at their best.

Also punctuality is a developed skill that will be very important in life, start early.

And use the laundry machines responsibly.

Why Yale-NUS?

Honestly, Yale-NUS has allowed me to be my most authentic self. I believe so much in the mission we are trying to achieve here. I'm just happy to be allowed the chance to help continue building up all the great individuals I've gotten to know along the way.

Travel Bucket List

It is a pipe dream of mine to visit all the places in the world with "Glen" in the name.

Fun Fact

I won "Most Likely To Be An Overly Attached Alumnus", and now I work for the College. I guess my peers called that one.


Yale-NUS College
Psychology (Major) Arts and Humanities (Minor)