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Lunar New Year 2020

On 6th February, Yale-NUS College hosted the annual Chinese New Year family event. Students’ families were invited from all around the world to join in the festivities and come together as one, to celebrate this holiday. While sticking to the traditional elements of “Lo Hei” (also known as “Prosperity Toss”) and the lion dance, the event also showcased Yale-NUS College very own a cappella group – Acamando.

Performance by Yale-NUS College’s Mandpop a cappella group – Acamando

As families streamed into the college, they were welcomed with customary goodie bags. As per the Chinese New Year tradition, two oranges were offered to every family as a symbol for good fortune.

Both local and international families had the opportunity to interact with students and each other and share their excitement. As part of the celebration, Acamando, Yale-NUS College’s Mando-pop a cappella group, performed a lively medley of traditional Chinese songs. This was followed by a vibrant lion dance, leaving families delighted. In the Chinese culture, the lion is a symbol of strength and stability. The festive dance was performed to bring good luck and chase evil spirits away for the upcoming year. Guests were also given a warm welcome address by Dave Stanfield, the Dean of Students.

The auspicious lion dance performance

Parents and students then proceeded to Café Agora, where the customary Lo Hei was set up. Lo Hei is a trademark Lunar New Year custom and is one of the most exciting parts of the celebration. Tossing Yusheng and calling out auspicious phrases is most people’s favourite practice on this holiday! Students from the Global China Connection led families through this activity and explained its significance. The event was a new cultural experience for many international students and families who had not celebrated in this way before. For locals and those who traditionally observe Lunar New Year, the event was a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday with their Yale-NUS family.

Families coming together to toss Lo Hei, a Lunar New Year tradition with Dean Dave