Family Stories

(Picture from left to right Deborah Salazar, Rebeca Salazar, Daniela Salazar, Rodolfo Salazar and Kennia Salazar)

We are Rodolfo and Kennia Salazar; we live in the heart of the Americas in a country well known by its laborious people, beautiful surfing beaches, high rise volcanoes, Nahuatl pyramids, earthquakes. Of course, El Salvador has its own challenges, and we’ll be happy to talk about in person if we ever have a chance of meeting face to face.

We are proud parents of two YALE-NUS International Students. It’s funny to say, but every time we mention this in public; we get the same question, why did you send your children so, sooo, sooooo, far away from home? This triggers a great conversation of logical reasons about the quality of studies, teachers, about how Singapore has become in 50 years the spearhead of its region. From there, the conversation starts moving towards the real reason behind taking this leap beyond our comfort zone and physical boundaries.

The real-life learning opportunities our daughters are able to experience within a diverse, complex, social, and cultural environment surrounded by a spirit of appreciation for diversity. The College provides an international atmosphere that teaches (and learns) global values, principles, and strengthening their character. At last this conversation about YALE-NUS ends with a spark of inspiration, a sense of belonging to a global community, a smile and a pat on the back from the person we were talking to.

We wanted to write this short letter of appreciation to the YALE-NUS staff that has to guide us through every step of the way and making everything so accessible. We sometimes even forget that we are exactly on the other side of the world and 14 hours behind. We want to thank you for your amazing attitude, and unconditional excellence in everything you do to encourage our daughters to live wholeheartedly developing relationships towards friendship, sports, and personal growth, allowing them to have fun without putting them at risk or excess.

We also wanted to tell YALE-NUS parents that we are all connected, that your children and our children are connected, your countries and our country are now connected, we are connected forming a global network that can harness and bring this great spirit of appreciation of cultural diversity to the world.

Kind Regards
Rodolfo and Kennia Salazar