Orientation Leaders

Orientation Committee (O’Comm) and Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) play a crucial role in welcoming first-year students to the Yale-NUS community by conceptualising and implementing events that build community.

Past Orientation Leaders

“I joined O’Comm in 2018 because Orientation is an experience I hold very dear to me, and I wanted to have a hand in creating the same magic for the incoming first-years. The uneasiness and anticipation of coming into an environment as unique as Yale-NUS can be overwhelming, and I wanted to make sure Orientation here would stay true to what it was at it’s core – a way for first-years to feel welcomed, loved, hopeful, and prepared for their future in their new home. There is so much potential in these short two weeks to create an experience that will last a lifetime, and I am proud to have been a part of its conception.”

Grady Ng ’20
O’Comm in 2018

“What I wanted by being an OGL was to: 1. be a part of creating the YNC community 2. to have fun, and 3. to be able to lend a helping hand and ear to the first-years. Despite coming into orientation with a high expectation, the actual event far exceeded it. I realized that orientation is a lot more than just making friends and being accustomed to a new environment, it is the prime time when first-years begin forming their identity as members of Yale-NUS. I first-handedly saw how the simple words and actions of OGLs and O’Comm members easily influenced the mindset of the incoming class. Instead of fostering exclusive RC pride and competition, we played a pivotal role in demonstrating how each one of us have our RC pride but more importantly, we are united as a larger community of YNC. This taught me that we carry bigger responsibilities than previously expected – student leaders greatly influence the fostering of the school community and spirit. All in all, it was thrilling to be part of forming the new part of YNC community and I have loved every single moment of orientation despite all the hard work (physical and emotional). I will forever treasure these memories and the valuable new friendships I was able to make with staff, upperclassmen, and first-years.”

Grace Kwak ’20
OGL in 2017

“I joined O’comm 2016 because I wanted to shape the first impressions of college life for the incoming freshmen. The incoming class was special because they were the fourth batch of Yale-NUS students and the first time that we had a full house on campus, which became the theme for Orientation that year. Being an OGL the previous year, I knew how impactful orientation programming was, so I wanted to join O’comm to be able to incorporate some of the great traditions of previous orientations and my own ideas. ”

Dominic Choa ’18
O’Comm in 2016

Applications for O’Comm open every year in January, and for OGLs in March