Welcome Class of 2021!

The Yale-NUS College Orientation programme is the starting point of an educational experience that takes place in a living and learning environment. Orientation is when and where Yale-NUS College truly begins supporting the learner’s cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal development. Sessions involve faculty leading academic preparation, opportunities to meet and work with advisors and staff across campus, participation in programmes to prepare for a successful college career in and out of the classroom, and a chance to bond with the other students at the College. The programme is notably different from what you might see at other institutions. Orientation is required because we’ve found that full participation in this experience helps students excel not only in the first year, but throughout their time at Yale-NUS College. The programme is immersive and experiential – which makes it challenging to fully engage if one misses any part of the programme. The Yale-NUS College educational experience begins on move-in day and the Orientation programme is compulsory for incoming students.

Based on standards set by the CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education), our intentionally designed Orientation programme is guided by theories of student learning and development, and integrated into the life of the institution. We collaborate with colleagues and departments across the institution to promote student learning and development, persistence and success, and seek to aid students and families in understanding the nature and purpose of a liberal arts education, the mission of the institution, and their membership in our shared community. When doing so we also address the characteristics and needs of diverse student populations through programmes, services, and practices.

Our Orientation programme introduces students to the learning and developmental opportunities that will occur throughout their Yale-NUS College experience. The programme is an important part of the Yale-NUS College educational experience and not to be missed. This is the first exciting step of many within the unique student experience at Yale-NUS College.

Christopher Bridges, PhD

Dean of Students