Organising Campus Events

Student-led events are a great way to immerse and invest in community, and a key element of a vibrant campus life.
Booking Spaces

Booking Spaces

All you need to know regarding securing spaces across campus. To see a full list of campus facilities and resources, click here.

All classrooms (except Classroom 16)

The booking of these spaces need to be approved by the Dean of Students Office.

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Classroom 16

The booking of these spaces need to be approved by the Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE).

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Performance Hall, Black Box Theatre, all practice rooms

The booking of these spaces need to be approved by the Arts Office, Educational Resources and Technology (ERT).

Understand booking procedures for arts spaces

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Programme Room 1, Global Learning Rooms 1 & 2

The booking of these spaces need to be approved by the Educational Resources and Technology (ERT)

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All residential college spaces that are not classrooms

Please contact individual RC for approval:

  • Elm College (
  • Saga College (
  • Cendana College (


Contact the Buttery managers.

Multi Purpose Hall (MPH)

The open slots for MPH are minimal due to its heavy use by Athletics teams. Students can enquiry on any available slots by writing to and at least 7 working days before their event.

The use of ceiling fans that promote ventilation and sustainability is strongly encouraged. Any aircon request in the MPH must be put in at least 3 working days before the event. Approval will be on a case-by-case basis.

UTown Spaces

Send your request to Please also submit the Booking Form.

Café Agora, Linkbridge between Elm College & Library, and Oculus

Kindly email the Dean of Students Office at at least 2 weeks before event.


Regulations with regards to the booking system
  • Students should submit their own booking requests. Advisors and DOS staff will not be submitting requests for you.
  • Any booking request will be processed within 2 working days from the day of submission. Requests will not be processed by DOS staff outside of office hours and over the weekend.
  • You can submit block bookings for programmes like weekly club meetings, exco meetings etc. on a monthly basis. Due to the high number of usage by staff, faculty and students, semester bookings are not permitted.
  • Please describe the purpose of booking the space clearly. Unclear description may result in delay in approval.
  • Please inform the Dean of Student Office if there will be external guest involved.
  • Do not assume you have a room until you receive a confirmation email.
  • Booking of Yale-NUS facilities is not allowed during December vacation (between Semester 1 and 2) as campus is closed during this period.
  • All booking approvals are at the discretion of the above-named offices.