Intergroup Dialogue

A courageous space for students to engage in open and honest conversations about identity, diversity, power and privilege in relation to their own lives and in their interactions.

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) is structured as an eight-week course for up to 16 participants and consists of small group and large group facilitated discussions on one identity, personal sharing, readings, journaling, and one-on-one sessions with facilitators. Learning in intergroup dialogue mainly happens through personal sharing and growth in self-awareness.

These are examples of concrete ways in which IGD can significantly benefit Yale-NUS students:

  • Activate lifelong professional and personal development for global engagement
  • Equip students with important tools to exchange opinions and feelings in a ful manner and resolve conflict through effective communication
  • Create social awareness about power and privilege not only in Singapore but across the globe – through honest and open personal sharing
  • Model conversations about individual experiences relating to social and political identities
  • Cultivate a socially responsible community through vulnerable and reflective exchange

The IGD programme offers specific tracks to focus on a specific identity group or topic in further depth, and is guided by Yale-NUS staff members trained as IGD facilitators.


Previous IGD tracks offered by Intercultural Engagement include:

  • Gender
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Sexuality & Sexual Orientation
  • Race & Nationality
  • Socioeconomic Status


More about Intergroup Dialogue

Intercultural Engagement Space

The Intercultural Engagement Space is a dedicated place open for all members of the community to visit and engage with.

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