Intercultural Peer Advisor

About the position

This is a group of 12-16 selected student leaders working with Dean of Students Office staff to bring positive change in the Yale-NUS community in both formal and informal ways. This leadership position will highlight the importance of intersectionality, identity development, and peer to peer coalition building to shift campus culture and create a more inclusive campus community.

Through the program, students will:

  • Translate social justice theory into action
  • Build confidence by voicing their perspectives and learning when/how to intervene in situations
  • Develop empathy for peers by hearing their stories and perspectives
  • Engage in intergroup collaboration & consensus building
  • Students will strengthen problem-solving skills by learning to take multiple perspectives into account

The need for this program follows similar models at peer institutions and reflects both the desire to create culturally competent and sensitive community members and global citizens, while also improving campus climate and overall student experiences.

What will I do as an Intercultural Peer Advisor?

You will meet regularly for social justice training, group dialogue, and team-based problem solving. You will work both collaboratively and individually on specific projects determined during training relating to identity and diversity on campus and will spend the year learning the necessary skills for their completion while simultaneously integrating these projects into the community. Each Intercultural Peer Advsior will be given a small programming budget to develop these projects.

What topics will I be trained on?

Facilitation & conflict resolution

  • Gender, sexuality, & culture
  • Power & privilege
  • Bystander intervention
  • Social change & advocacy

Who is eligible to apply and what is the time commitment?

This is a yearlong position that will have an application process. You will attend 6-8 sessions and one weekend training each year. Any student can apply and experience with diversity/intercultural work or facilitation for one semester or more will be a plus.


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