Identity Collectives

A space for students of a shared identity to come together to support and hold space for one another through intentional community.

Our Intention

We want to recognise the many intersecting identities that we all have and the importance of having a community that supports us as we explore across differences and spectrums. This space provides students with the opportunity to build a community of solidarity and talk to each other as we heal, dismantle power, oppression and privilege, and engage in a committed process of collective liberation.

While this programme hopes to empower students to create full-fledged and independently-functioning collectives on their own, we recognise the potential of certain frameworks and structures to assist our intention. Student leaders of the collective will be trained in dialogue facilitation and can choose to utilise their training as they wish. Furthermore, while this is not a required element of the identity collectives, holding intra-collective dialogues and activities are encouraged to further build understanding and healing.

Student Leadership

It is required that each respective collective has at least one member to take on the leadership role of sustaining the collective. This will involve accountability in attending dialogues, communicating and coordinating with community members, and seeking resources or guidance from the Intercultural Engagement team to enhance both the intention and impact of the respective collective.

Additional Information

While we recognise that many of these collectives exist informally throughout the College, we want to commit to recognising the importance of these gatherings, and offer space and resources to come together as desired. Furthermore, it allows for more students to have access to spaces they otherwise may not have, and cultivate a strong grounds for belonging.

However, if a collective would like to keep their identity anonymous for any reason, please reach out to Annette Wu, at


Intercultural Engagement Space

The Intercultural Engagement Space is a dedicated place open for all members of the community to visit and engage with.

What is this space about?

Dean of Students Office
Yale-NUS College
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9am – 6pm
Monday to Friday

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays