Intercultural Engagement

Centering healing, growth and empowerment; Intercultural Engagement provides students with the opportunity to deepen their self-discovery and connection to the society around them.
Intercultural Engagement 2

What we do?

Intercultural Engagement pushes forward student-centred initiatives and opportunities that promote greater inclusion and community-building at Yale-NUS College. In activating diversity consciousness, the programme creates initiatives for students to engage in dialogue where opportunities for cultivating greater vulnerability and bravery are met safely. We value an integrated practice of intercultural engagement and competence across the full student experience at Yale-NUS College.

This programme is committed to:
  1. Enabling all members of the community to develop a sense of belonging
  2. Actively building a positive and respectful community culture
  3. Enhancing community engagement beyond the classroom
  4. Recognising, serving, and uplifting all identities existing across our diverse community and beyond


An annual Yale-NUS College tradition that serves to elevate our community values and catalyse conversations across campus that centre diversity and inclusion.

This week-long programme engages all members of the community in celebrating our collective diversity, engaging in dialogue pertaining to themes of identity, power and privilege, and furthering our commitment to strengthen inclusion and belonging in the community.

Take a glimpse of Diversity Week programmes from previous years:

Diversity Week 2021 Diversity Week 2020 Diversity Week 2019 Diversity Week 2018

Intercultural Engagement Space

The Intercultural Engagement Space is a dedicated place open for all members of the community to visit and engage with.

What is this space about?

Dean of Students Office
Yale-NUS College
Singapore 138529

9am – 6pm
Monday to Friday

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Other initiatives
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Identity Collectives serve as a space for students of a shared identity to come together to support and hold space for one another through intentional community.

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Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) aims to create a courageous space for students to engage in open and honest conversations about identity, diversity, power and privilege in relation to their own lives and in their interactions. IGD will prepare students to live and work in a diverse world, and make educated choices that advance equity, social justice, and conflict resolution.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Community Initiative Funding

For students interested in organising programmes or events involving areas such as cultural and heritage celebrations, identity-based programmes, social justice and diversity-related initiatives, please apply for funding through the Community Initiatives Funding supported through Campus Life. All students are eligible to apply!

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Why we do, what we do

The Intercultural Engagement programme designs co-curricular programming in collaboration with staff and faculty on campus to encourage students to


Build self-awareness and empathy through active listening, story sharing, and reflection

Practice vulnerability and courage through authentically engaging with varied perspectives and lived experiences of fellow community members

Successfully navigate within and between cultural contexts and engaging conflict through dialogue and discussion

Become empowered as an active participant of social change and culture building within and beyond the college community