Vacation Housing

Winter Housing

For AY20/21, as travel restrictions are likely to remain through the end of this calendar year, international students will be permitted to live on campus over the winter break (Mon, 7 Dec 2020 – Mon, 11 Jan 2021). Students with a local address in Singapore will be required to live at home over the break, but there will be a Winter housing application process for those with a valid reason to remain in campus housing (e.g., unsafe home environment). All students living on campus will be required to pay the normal vacation housing rate and there will be a process to apply for financial assistance for students on financial aid.

Traveling Home: Students that opt to travel internationally over the winter break will be financially responsible for all associated costs such as mandatory SHN fees and swab tests. Limited financial assistance will be available to help cover these expenses only for students who meet ALL of the following criteria:

1) Did not travel home over the summer.

2) Are on financial aid

3) Suffering from mental health challenges or with a compelling reason necessitating a visit to  family (e.g., family member is sick).

Student Services will help students navigate the approval process for re-entry to Singapore, but the College cannot guarantee students will receive approval. Do also take note of the health and safety risks involved in travelling home and returning back to campus.

How do I apply for Winter Housing?

Students will apply for Winter housing through an application form released on Mon, 2 Nov. The deadline for the form is Sun, 8 Nov (2359hrs).

For those who apply for financial assistance, you will be informed of your disbursement amount prior to the start of Winter Housing. Please contact Student Services ( for additional assistance.

As we understand that plans might change due to extenuating circumstances, please contact Erfaan ( immediately if you need to cancel your Winter Housing. Cancellations will be considered on a case to case basis.

Who do I contact for help?

For housing-related questions, please contact Erfaan (, the Housing Executive at the Dean of Students Office.

For any financial assistance and billing-related questions, please contact Student Services (

Usage of facilities: Apart from the dining halls (which will be closed), the remaining facilities will be open but subject to prevailing restrictions as stated in the Student COVID Guidelines for Sem 1 and Student FAQs for Sem 1.

Do I need a valid reason to apply for Winter Housing?

International students (i.e. students without a local address in Singapore) will automatically be eligible for Winter Housing. However, you are still required to submit the application form.

Students with a local address in Singapore will require a valid reason to remain in campus housing (e.g., unsafe home environment). Your application form will be rejected if you do not substantiate your need for housing over the winter break.

I am graduating at the end of AY20/21 Sem 1. Am I eligible for Winter Housing?

No. If you require more time before moving out, please email Erfaan ( Extensions until 13th Dec are allowed for legitimate reasons.

How much will Winter Housing cost?

Winter Housing will be charged at $200 per week. The total cost will therefore be $1000.

Will Financial Assistance be available for Winter Housing?

When filling up the application, you will be able to indicate whether you require financial aid. After the application deadline, Student Services will assess your financial situation and inform you of the amount of your aid, if any. You can expect to be notified a few weeks after the deadline.

Please contact Student Services ( for more information regarding FA-related queries.

Is there a minimum stay for Winter Housing?

Yes. You will be required to stay for the entire duration of the winter break, from Mon, 7 Dec 2020 to Mon, 11 Jan 2021.

Do I have to move out from my current room to a different room?

No, you will stay in your current room.

Can I move to a different room or choose my Winter Housing suitemates?

No, you will have to remain in your current room.

Based on the current COVID-19 guidelines, you are free to visit your friends in other suites and RCs throughout the entire Winter Break.

Are meals included in Winter Housing?

No, the dining halls will not be operating over the Winter Break. If you require financial subsidies for living expenses during the Winter Break, please apply for financial aid when you submit your application.

I’ve submitted an application and decided that I would like to return home for the Winter Break. Are there financial penalties involved?

As we understand that plans might change due to extenuating circumstances, please contact Erfaan ( immediately if you need to cancel your Winter Housing. Cancellations will be considered on a case to case basis.

Can I let external guests stay in my December Housing room/suite?

No. Guests are strictly not allowed to live in your suite over the winter break.

You may be subject to a conduct hearing should you be found in breach of this policy.

When do I have to make payment?

Your final bill (after any financial assistance) will be reflected on the UHMS system 4 – 6 weeks after Winter Housing ends. You can then make payment via the system. For more information, please contact Student Services (

What forms of campus life can students expect of the winter break?

Due to the large number of students on campus, the Dean of Students Office and CIPE will offer limited, scaled-down programming and student engagement opportunities for all students living on campus over the Winter Break.

Summer Housing

Important Note: These FAQs apply for students seeking to live on-campus during the Summer and has been contextualized to the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore.

Each summer, the College offers housing for students staying in Singapore for work or research purposes. On-campus summer housing is a privilege and is not guaranteed to students. The Code of Student Conduct is fully enforceable during the summer period. Failure to adhere to it may result in the immediate termination of a student’s summer housing, among other things.

The Dean of Students Office coordinates summer housing details. Please refer to the information below for details regarding summer housing 2020:

When is the deadline for summer housing applications?

  • Summer Housing applications close on 27th April 2359hrs.
  • We are using the same application form as before. – The link has been included at the end of this email.

How much will Summer Housing cost?

Summer Housing will be charged at $200 per week.

If I submitted an application before the start of the Circuit Breaker, is my application still valid?

All previous applications since applications opened on 20th March are valid and will be reviewed accordingly. If you have submitted multiple applications due to changing specific circumstances, please note that we will only consider your latest application submitted before 27th April 2359hrs.

How can I be sure that my application has been received?

  • To address any potential confusion, we will be sending out an email later today(20/4), to each student who has submitted a summer housing application, so that you can verify your submission. If the information is correct, no further action is required.
  • To cancel, please reply to the email and outline your intended departure date.
  • If your circumstances have change and you would like to make changes to your application, please submit a new application through the Summer Housing application link below, and we will only consider your most recent submission before 27th April 2359hrs.


Will my Summer Housing application be approved?

  • Applications with substantiated reasons will be approved:
    • Internship in Singapore
    • CIPE Summer Research Programmes
    • NUS Research or Study Modules
    • Border Closures or lack of available flights to return home due to COVID-19
  • All other requests will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.
  • The results of your application will be released on 1st May 2020.

I am currently at home and would like to return to campus and apply for summer housing. Can I do so?

  • International students on student passes are required to seek approval from ICA/MOE prior to returning to Singapore. This can be done by dropping the Student Services team an email with your request along with an online travel declaration submission.
  • You should only apply for Summer Housing once you have received approval from ICA/MOE for your request. (If the approval is granted past the Summer Housing application deadline, please drop me an email with your individual request)

My internship/Summer Research Programme only starts in June / July. Can I continue staying on campus during the interim period?

  • Yes, you may live on campus as a Summer Housing resident prior to the start of your internship.
  • Do note that prevailing Summer Housing rates will apply in the interim period prior to the start of your internship.

What happens if the Government announces an extension to the Circuit-Breaker? (Past 4th May and into the Summer Break)

  •  Regardless of an extension to Circuit Breaker legislation, all students who remain on campus past the end of semester (11th May) would need an approved Summer Housing application.
  • Students will be charged prevailing Summer Housing rates from 11th May onwards.
  • If you do not have an approved Summer Housing application, you are required to move-out before Noon on the 11th of May.

Can I apply for summer housing if I am graduating this May?

Yes, in these extraordinary times, we are allowing graduating students to apply for summer housing.

When will I know the results of my application?

  • Application results will be released on 1st May.
  • Allocation details will be released at a later date.

Can I change my summer housing dates or cancel after 27 April? Will there be any fees?

  • Yes, you may change them if necessary. Date-change/cancellation fees will be waived.
  • Please contact Erfaan ( as early as possible to communicate the change.


Will food be provided during summer housing?

  • Unfortunately, food will not be provided as Sodexo is only contracted to operate during the semester.
  • Butteries will not be accessible in light of the current situation.
  • UTown foodcourts will remain open throughout the entire duration of the Summer Break.


Will I be able to choose my suitemates during summer housing?

  • As we cannot predict how the Circuit Breaker and COVID-19 situation will pan out, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to choose your suitemates and be reallocated to a different suite.
  • Under the likely case that similar levels of government restrictions are in place, there will be no suite movements for the time being other than for students who end up as the only person in their suite.

Do I have to move to a different suite?

You might have to move to a different suite if you are the only person in your current suite, or if we need to turnover your suite for incoming students near the start of the semester.

Is there a minimum stay for Summer Housing?

You may only apply for Summer Housing with a minimum 2 week stay.

Can I check-out after a 2-week stay on campus and return several weeks later for another 2-week stint?

No. You will only be allowed to check-in and out once throughout the duration of the summer break.

Do I need to get my card re-programmed again before moving back into my semester suite at the end of the summer break?

Yes. You will need to reprogram your card at Infra on your semester room move-in day.

Am I allowed to leave my personal items in the Summer housing suite after I’ve checked out?

  • No. Any items left in the rooms and suites after checkout will immediately be disposed of by housekeeping staff as per the Code of Student Conduct. Students will also be charged labour and administrative costs in addition to a fine.
  • Your room and suite must be left in exact move-in condition. Students who have received fines previously may be subject to a higher fine and potentially a conduct hearing.

The items left in the Summer Housing suite aren’t mine. Why am I still receiving a fine for this?

  • It is the collective responsibility for all residents in the suite to ensure that the suite in left in move-in condition prior to check-out. If it is impossible to ascertain the individual(s) responsible for any violation of the housing guidelines, all suite mates will receive a minimum fine of $50 per person.
  • This amount is strictly non-negotiable.

Can I let external guests stay in my Summer Housing room/suite?

  • No. Guests are strictly not allowed to live in your suite over the Summer break.
  • You may be subject to a conduct hearing should you be found in breach of this policy.

What happens on the last day of Circuit Breaker housing (11th May)?

  • All students with an approved summer housing application are to remain in their current rooms and suites pending further details on re-allocations (If any)

Apart from Yale-NUS summer housing, where else can I find temporary accommodation? Can I apply for NUS Housing?

Unfortunately, NUS halls/residences may not be able to house students over the summer in light of COVID-19. Please consider off-campus housing in addition to Yale-NUS summer housing (check out the resource compiled by StuGov as linked below).


How do I apply for financial assistance for summer housing?

If you require financial assistance for housing fees, please apply by 27 April 2359hrs. This is a separate form from the summer housing form, (link above), and all previous submissions (even before Circuit Breaker) are still valid.


I’d like to return home, but I am unable to afford the flight tickets. Who do I approach for assistance?

Please speak to Ms. Carol from Student Services at for discussions on financial assistance options.