Emergencies and Safety

In an Emergency

Call Yale-NUS Campus Security on 6601 3696

Call this hotline in the event there is a physical or psychological threat on campus.

Counselling and Psychological Services

  • Call NUS Lifeline 24-hour service hotline on 6516 7777 (Centre for Effective Living) in the event of life-threatening physical and/or psychological emergencies.
  • Call University Counselling Services (UCS) at 6516 2376 if students require same-day intervention following psychological emergencies. They can walk-in to meet with on-call counselor or psychologist during office hours (Mon -Fri: 9am – 5pm).

Other Emergency Contacts

Medical Emergency

  • Call NUH 24-hour service hotline on 6772 5000 for medical support in the event of medical emergencies.
  • Call 995 for Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) Ambulance in event of major physical or psychological injuries.

Crime Emergency

  • Call Yale-NUS Campus Security on 6601 3696
  • Call NUS Campus Security on 6874 1616
  • Call the police on 999 for immediate help when you notice a crime is in progress, someone suspected of committing a crime is close by, or you know where the person is, or you now someone has been seriously injured or is in danger.