Dean’s Fellows


Mission Statement of the Dean’s Fellow (DF) programme

The Dean’s Fellows support students’ personal growth through structured and intentional learning opportunities, foster intercultural community building in the Residential Colleges, and cultivate interconnectedness among students, staff & faculty through associate work and programme development.

Why Dean’s Fellows?

Dean’s Fellows play a pivotal role in advising and empowering students to develop their own initiative while also mentoring them as they navigate the changes and challenges inherent to a growing and evolving community. Dean’s Fellows demonstrate the versatility of a liberal arts education through their many different contributions to the College; their work requires the critical analysis, problem solving, and interconnected thinking skills that define a Yale-NUS education.

What is a Dean’s Fellow?

Dean’s Fellows are the guides, mentors and advisors for the Yale-NUS student body. Dean’s Fellows serve as a role model for students while contributing to the development of the College’s programmes and initiatives.

The Dean’s Fellow position requires a high level of responsibility and flexibility; fellows should expect to have many evening, weekend and holiday commitments when students are in residence. Dean’s Fellows may also have the opportunity to travel internationally to support and lead co-curricular programmes/trips.

How is the Dean’s Fellows position changing?

In the past, DFs have mostly supported and worked directly with a small group of first-year students. Yale-NUS will have its first batch of student support staff working in the Residential Colleges in AY17.18. The student staff in the RCs will work directly with first-year students, while DFs will largely shift their role to supporting, empowering, and mentoring upper-class students. This can include advising students on summer programmes, study abroad opportunities, capstones, and post-graduate life. As this will be a new venture for DFs, there is a lot of opportunity for developing new programmes and support structures for upper-class students.

Essential duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-time residence in one of three Residential Colleges (RCs) at Yale-NUS.
  • Participation in the Dean’s Fellow training program and Orientation activities in July/August 2019.
  • Providing intentional programmatic and tailored support for upper-class students.
  • Participation in the on-call duty rotation schedule and providing assistance to students in cases of emergency.  
  • Collaborating across campus to engage in community development within and between the Residential Colleges, including advising student organisations, college councils and student committees.
  • Work 15-20 hours per week in various Associate Roles in offices across campus.
  • Assisting with College-wide programs and events throughout the year.
  • Attending team meetings with individual Residential College teams and full DF team.
  • Supervising 2-4 Residential College Advisors (student staff supporting first-years)
  • Serve on 2-3 Dean of Students Office committees, such as Family Weekend, Room Draw, and Staff Recruitment.
  • Administrative duties as assigned
  • Participating in department-wide professional development ~1-3 times per semester.
  • Working with Assistant Deans to deliver Transitions, a 1 credit module for first years