Student Support Team

*Any information you share will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone except under the following conditions: (1) perceived risks to commit serious harm to yourself or others; (2) Information indicating the abuse of children; (3) Valuable information during a medical emergency; (4) An order from the court to disclose information.


The Yale-NUS College staff and faculty listed below have been trained to provide front line assistance to any student survivor of sexual assault. These team members can direct students to counseling and support resources on and off campus, answer questions about the on-campus reporting process or the process of filing a complaint with the police. The SST can answer questions about policy and help students find the assistance they need; regardless of when or where the incident took place. The SST is also committed to being a resource to students who do not identify as survivors, but have a question or want to help support a friend.

The Student Support Team members cannot become informal counselors nor can they provide medical advice. They are trained to guide students to the help needed and navigate campus policy.

You can reach the members below via email or phone, both are provided here.


Name Designation Email Address Number
Amparo Espadas Faculty
Andrew McGeehan Senior Manager, Dean of Students Office 6601-5163
Annette Wu Executive, CIPE 6601-3498
Chew Suyin Vice Rector, Elm College 6601-3662
Chris Bridges Dean of Students 6601-3060
David Smith Faculty, Assistant Professor 6601-5249
Fionn Tan Senior Executive, Human Resource 6601-5536
Janelle Rahyns Vice Rector, Cendana College 6601-3419
Joanne Roberts Dean of Faculty 6516-3700
Joella Lopes Lam Executive, Development Office, 6601-3416
Navin Rajagobal Director, Academic Affairs 6601-3061
Nayoung Won Programme Manager, CIPE 6601-3691
Nilanjana Pal Director, CIPE 6601-3268
Paul Gallagher Vice Rector, Saga College 6601-3371
Petrina Loh Manager, Dean of Students Office 6601-5619
Priyanka Sharma Senior Librarian, Library 6601-3600
Reetha Raveendran Senior Associate Director, Dean of Students Office 6601-2804