Sexual Health and Resources

Sex, Sexual Assault and the Yale-NUS Community

What is consent?

Consent is the explicit and unambiguous permission/approval of a person. It is important that you receive the clear consent of anyone you are hoping to engage with sexually. Also important to note is that you are never entitled to anyone’s consent (i.e. a significant other) and that consent can be taken back and should be respected at all times. See here for a three-minute animated video depicting the nuances of consent.

How does positive communication relate to sex and the Yale-NUS community?

In a campus as intimate as Yale-NUS College it is important to always honestly communicate with those around you especially when it comes to sex. If you are ever uncertain of what someone is thinking or comfortable with as it relates to sex, you should never assume. We are a tight-knit community and we want to always respect and honor one another’s personal choices and preferences. Asking openly for the person’s honest opinion and desires will avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or pain.

What is bystander intervention?

Here at Yale-NUS, we pride ourselves in our interlocked support systems and accountability for those around us. Bystander intervention is an essential aspect of this ideal. When you see someone, whether you know them or not, in what appears to be an unsafe or compromising position, you have the right and duty to intervene on their behalf. Bystander intervention doesn’t need to be confrontational and can take place in many different ways. Bystander intervention often involves unlocking the door for a person to open for themselves. Creating an exit option in the literal sense of giving someone the opportunity to leave a sticky situation with you rather than someone who may not be respecting their sexual choices (or ability to make a sexual choice) is one example but there are many, many more ways to be a good bystander and thus a great community member. See here for some tips on how to intervene in a way that is safe for you and considerate of the other parties.

What do I do if I or someone I know is a victim of sexual harassment or assault?

Yale-NUS College prioritizes the safety and wellness of all students and as such we urge you to speak to a Dean’s Fellow, Vice Rector, or Rector if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual harassment or assault. You can also contact AWARE Sexual Assault Care Center at 6779 0282 to speak to someone and work through what happened. Ultimately, what you decide to do is completely up to you – we are here to support you and shed light to the options that exist whether seeking medical and emotional care or opting for non-disciplinary mediation or making a complaint/filing a police report. For more information on that click here.