Informed Consent


The information obtained from you will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone except under the following conditions: (1) perceived risks to commit serious harm to yourself or others; (2) Information indicating the abuse of children; (3) Valuable information during a medical emergency; (4) An order from the court to disclose information.  From time to time, your therapist will be consulting with colleagues as a means of providing professional services.  Good therapeutic practices requires all therapists (of all levels of qualification) to have regular supervision to monitor their practice.  Your privacy is fully protected during any of these consultations. If you are coming with your partner, please note that individual session(s) are confidential and separate to the couple session(s).



In order to be effective, therapy needs to take place on a regular basis.  The best results occur when appointments are consistently scheduled and regularly attended.  If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask for you to please cancel on the online system minimally 24 hours in advance so that other students can book in.


Therapist Contact

Our therapists provide services within the 50 minutes therapy session.  Therapist generally are not available outside the scheduled appointment time.  Our admin staff would be able to assist you with any logistical and appointment issues.  Any issues that you are reluctant to make known to the admin staff are issues that need to be dealt with within a therapy session.  In such cases, please make an appointment to see your therapist.  In cases of emergency, please make clear to the admin staff the nature of emergency so that your therapist could respond appropriately.

Update: 08 August 2017