Volleyball (Men)

Volleyball is a 6-on-6 non-contact ball sport with a graceful combination of all the good things of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. The beautiful aspects of volleyball are the exhilarating combination plays, the 3-touches max per team system that keeps the play moving between the two teams, the rousing team spirit after a long extended rally and the fact that it is just a really fun sport to play. All these can be found in the Yale-NUS Men’s Volleyball team.

Coming to a year old, the team had won the 2017 Inter-College Games in February and are looking to take on the 2017 Inter-Faculty Games in August.

Come join the team at training and watch the team in action at games to see first-hand how we roll!

For more details, please contact Aditya Talwar or Logan Ye.