Touch Rugby

The Yale-NUS’s Touch rugby is in its growth stage, but it does so at a rapid pace. The team has grown enormously since its inception from six members to more than eighteen members today. The most recent first-year batch has definitely brought new momentum to the team.

The value of a team is determined by its members not taken individually but as a whole. It is the early morning practices the team had committed to; the meals the team have collectively after every practice; the outings, the spontaneous meet-ups on campus that raise the value of the team not only to improvement on the field but most importantly, to the synergy of the team and individual’s personal development.

New skills are being picked up by each, and every player and tactics, as well as technique are becoming a habit. With gradual improvement and habituation, the future outlook for the team as a whole is bright.

For more details, please contact Horatio Ho or Jan Bronauer.