Netball, a popular women’s sport in Singapore and Yale-NUS College. The team comprises of committed women who work hard and form strong bonds through training and competition. The team compete annually in the Inter-Faculty Games and Inter-College Games that brought home silver medals in the Spring 2016 season, and carnivals with participants from the wider Netball community in Singapore, such as ‘Deloitte Pesta Sukan’ and ‘Daisy Tan Carnival’.

In the Fall of 2016, the team took a trip to Taiwan as part of the lager Yale_NUS College athletics delegation to compete with international teams. Experiences and exposure were gained from the trip as the team had competed with teams of various skill levels along with men’s teams and mixed teams. Beyond athletic skill, netball fosters learning in areas such as cooperation, communication, and leadership.

The team forges close bonds through shared experiences and challenges, creating strong friendships that last both on and off the court.

For more details, please contact Jasmine Gan or Yunn Jia.