Athleticism. Dynamism. Creativity. These are the words that would perfectly describe one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting team sports.

Ultimate Frisbee brings together concepts from multiple sports including American football, basketball, and soccer to create the truly ‘ultimate’ sport. However, it is more than just the amazing highlights that set this game apart. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is self-refereed and places a premium on the “Spirit of the Game”. Players call their own fouls and resolve disputes on the field. They are encouraged to be competitive, while at the same time maintaining sportsmanship and a sense of professionalism.

The Yale-NUS Ultimate Frisbee Team is the perfect place for players of all skill levels to enjoy this beautiful game. The team competes in mixed-gender competitions in both the 5-a-side and 7-a-side formats. If you are looking to be a part of a closely-knit family that gives you opportunities to grow into a leader, a team player, an athlete and much more, look no further. Join us!

For more details, please contact Kah Mun or Mitchell.