Athletics & Recreation



To create a positive impact to the life of our students through diverse and inclusive programs that build collegiate spirit while inspiring physical wellness and resilience and offer the College community opportunities to develop the cognitive, ethics and characters needed to lead a meaningful and physically active life within and beyond campus.



  • To create platforms that continuously challenge students to explore new perspectives and experience through competition, recreation, physical activity and courses.
  • To support the athletic and recreation aspirations of our community and encourage a culture of movement and physical activity by creatively incorporating these activities as part of residential living.
  • To create and sustain spaces and resources to support our student’s athletics and recreation pursuits.


Every Yale-NUS student is encouraged to join one of our many sports teams or fitness groups. We prioritize inclusivity and peer-based learning when it comes to athletics at Yale-NUS College. Students, regardless of ability, have the opportunity to pick up a new sport or recreational activity. Those who have more experience in a sport would coach their peers who are starting out. Additionally, it is not uncommon to have staff, faculty and family members from the Yale-NUS community join our training sessions and community events.

Many of our current teams started as interest groups led by freshmen and sophomores who then prepare their teams for various competitions such as the Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) and Inter-College Games (ICG) within NUS and friendly games with other schools and organisations.

Additionally, engaging recreation and fitness activities are regularly held during the academic semesters to promote physical and social wellness. This is achieved through collaboration with experienced partners in sports and fitness, who can provide meaningful and engaging experience for our students. This is part of the wellness initiative within the campus.

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