Students interested in competitive sports can represent the College in the ICG (Inter-College Games) and IFG (Inter-Faculty Games), participate in matches/games against peer institutions, or join teamNUS.

Besides competitive avenues for our students, our College promotes a culture of fitness and movement as every student is encouraged to always think of non-mechanised or motorised means to get from place to place. Going to your suite? We encourage our students to take the stairs. Require some groceries from the supermarket off-campus? Ride a bicycle, talk a walk or jog to get there. At Yale-NUS, we challenge our students to continually weigh options and choose those that better contribute to their physical fitness!

Let’s say you’re having a group discussion. Have your discussion over a run! At Yale-NUS College, why not?


The Athletics Department, under the Dean of Students Office, provides support, guidance, and resources for student, staff, and faculty athletics of Yale-NUS College. The goal is to support the athletic aspirations of our community, be it competitive or recreational, and encourage a culture of movement and physical activity by creatively incorporating these activities as part of everyone’s daily lifestyle.


Athletics at Yale-NUS College is represented by our Athletics Manager Li Ling. Administrative support is provided by the department’s Executive Assistant.


We engage students and encourage their athletic development and personal growth by:

  • Providing support to student athletes
  • Providing a competitive and recreational outlet by creating and sustaining athletics spaces and supporting student athletics pursuits
  • Building collegiate spirit and pride through competitive and friendly games
  • Challenging students to explore new perspectives and experiences